CARIBBEAN: First US cruise ship in decades arrives in Cuba

CARIBBEAN: First US cruise ship in decades arrives in Cuba

_89541107_59985b7a-0d2d-462b-8a7d-e6b149bd9c75BBC – A US cruise ship has docked in the Cuban capital, Havana, after sailing from Florida – the first such crossing in more than 50 years.

The Adonia sailed from the port of Miami carrying some 700 passengers.

Cuba and the US restored diplomatic relations last year. But several Cold War-era restrictions on travelling and trading are yet to be lifted.

The cruise trip only went ahead after Cuba scrapped a ban on its citizens entering or leaving the island by sea.

Cubans waved as the ship arrived and hundreds of passengers stood at the railings taking pictures.



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  1. Wasn't it out very own lorn who said we had nothing to worry about. Wonder what he's say now,


  2. Concern has been expressed from the officials in the Dominican Republic and the other Spanish-speaking country, Puerto Rico. Only those idlers in the local tourism industry see no kind of threat. How stupid are Saint Lucian politicians? They are so downright ignorant of what they don't know, what they don't know, but should know. Dumbos all.


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