CARIBBEAN: Fight over chicken leg lands family in court

CARIBBEAN: Fight over chicken leg lands family in court

Fried-Chicken-LegJAMAICA OBSERVER – A mother and her underaged son have been slapped with assault charges following a fight with her adult daughter over a chicken leg.

The 42-year-old mother, who is a security guard, and her son are to stand trial on August 19.

The trial date was set Thursday when the accused appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court (in Jamaica) where they pleaded not guilty.

The boy and his sister reportedly got into an argument over the chicken leg, on the morning of July 5, which turned physical.

The minor reportedly punched his sister in the face causing her to throw a figurine at him.

The mother reportedly got involved, using a cologne bottle and her hand to pummel her daughter in the head.

In court, the mother said she had just returned home from church when her children started to fight over a chicken leg.

“I told my daughter that I would fry two piece of chicken leg. I locked my son in my bedroom and she go in there and beat mi baby with a figurine,” the mother said.

A trial date was subsequently set and the complainant bound over to attend court.


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  1. This issue was damn for a stupid chicken leg....stupid but funny get the most weird things on


  2. Interesting story, but why do I believe that the person who are going to comment on this that they are gonna go a whole mile on ''chicken'' and say xyz on chicken instead of conflict resolution skills which should be displayed by the mother and obedience which should be expected from the children. Now if majority say about just the ''chicken'' this says a lot about our readers and if other address the main issues then that says a lot lol so I await lol


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