CARIBBEAN: EU overtakes Caribbean migrants in UK

CARIBBEAN: EU overtakes Caribbean migrants in UK

CMC – Migrants from European Union (EU) countries in the United Kingdom (UK) have overtaken those from the Caribbean.

The British Daily Mail reports that Jamaicans are no longer among the UK’s 10 biggest overseas-born populations as the face of British immigration changes.

The paper said traditional communities from overseas have been overtaken by an influx of migrants from Europe, according to the British Office of National Statistics (ONS).

There are now more people living in the UK who were born in Poland than Ireland, while the Indian population has grown by half since 2004, the Mail said.

Caribbean nations – the source of much of the UK’s immigration in the 1950s and 1960s – have dropped out of the top 10 completely.

The number of Jamaican-born nationals living in the UK went up by just 14,000 from 2004, putting it in 11th place with 152,000 people in 2013.

It said people born in other Caribbean countries, such as Barbados and Guyana, have dropped out of the list of 60 most populous immigrant groups entirely, adding that Trinidad and Tobago went to 59th.


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