CARIBBEAN: Dominican man gets 35 years for sexually abusing 8-y-o

CARIBBEAN: Dominican man gets 35 years for sexually abusing 8-y-o

gty_courtroom_gavel_judge_mw_110908_wblogJAMAICA OBSERVER – A High Court judge Friday described  the 51-year-old  accused “as a man without a conscience and lacking compassion and humanity,” before sentencing him to 35 years in jail for sexually abusing an eight-year-old child in 2013.

Justice Errol Thomas said that Joseph Senhouse of Vieille Case on the north should also be seen by consultant psychiatric..

Senhouse, who wept as he was being sentenced, was found guilty of buggery, unlawful sexual intercourse and indecent assault.

The Court heard that Senhouse, who was in a relationship with the child’s mother, had anal sex with the child on three occasions and vaginal sex, about five times. He also told her “not to tell” and gave her fruits and money to keep quiet.

His attorney Dawn Yearwood Stewart, told the court that she fully accepts the social inquiry report and its findings made on her client and that he had used “no violence in his actions”.



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  1. That thing and others like him insults me as a Father, Husband, Man and Human being. News report say he got 15 years not long ago for abusing another girl child in 2007, he would still be there if they had let him serve the full time. One excuse given for his behaviour was his Mother thumping him at age 12, what RUBBISH. There is NO excuse what so ever for anyone to Rape or abuse a Child, NONE. He cried at the 35 year sentencing, was it crocodile tears or was it knowing he could not get at another child for 35 years?? He should have being charged with Rape, Vaginal Rape and Buggery Rape, Assault, Trauma etc; sentence to run CONSECULATIVELY. With the years mounting up from each charge, it would be goodbye forever; he would not get out of prison alive UNLESS some Human Rights Lawyer came to his rescue saying the sentence was too harsh or he had suffered enough or some other rubbish. He is a Paedophile, once caught they should NOT be allowed out of Prison to prey on children again, because sexual drive is a STRONG emotion; they CANNOT be cured.


  2. Anal sex with an 8 yr old. Lord put yur feet since its the first to hit the ground. How cud u do such. I pray for u and every other sick bastard in this world.


  3. i would be the one in jail right now and they would not have had any trail for neither one of us. dirty low life - pig, how could someone do that to a child and take her life away. what pain this poor child went through. my heart hurts.


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