CARIBBEAN: Couple in Trinidad charged with cruelty after child abuse video goes viral

CARIBBEAN: Couple in Trinidad charged with cruelty after child abuse video goes viral

CARIBBEAN 360 – A 32 year-old Trinidadian male and his 21 year-old common-law Jamaican born wife have been arrested and are facing cruelty charges under the new Children’s Act in connection with the abuse of an infant girl which was recorded and went viral on social media.

The suspects, who are not the child’s parents, were held yesterday afternoon in a room on the second floor of a two-storey apartment building in Vistabella, San Fernando.

Police said they had been conducting under surveillance after receiving a tip-off.

The video, in which the young child was slapped repeatedly by a man as he fed her milk from a bottle, was circulated on social media and aired on local television earlier this week.

While not on camera, a woman who spoke with a Jamaican accent could be heard telling the child to drink the milk and saying “yuh look for that” when she was being slapped.

In a statement issued after the 2 min 12 sec video went viral, the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago condemned the actions of the man seen on camera.

It said while the Child Protection Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is investigating the incident, it is working with the mother and the child to provide the necessary support, which includes medical treatment and counselling.

The authority appealed to parents and guardians to be vigilant in ensuring the safety of their children.


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  1. Report say they are not the child's parent's and am sure I heard a second female voice in the room. Watch the child's body language. You will see she does not go to the woman for comfort as any small child would when they cry, that is because she know and learnt she will not get any, because she have been abused before. Again; the child cries out when slapped but each time instantly stifles it instead of continuing to cry, WHY? because she knows she will get more slaps, telling me she has being abused many times before and know what will happen. Children cries when in the presence of someone who harms them and the person who took this child to those people should have paid attention to the child's behaviour each time the child was taken to them, instead of being glad to get rid of her and go about their own business. Getting hit at the back of the head can kill a person or give them brain damage. This has happened to lots of children but the murderers get away because the authorities lack knowledge or are lazy. There is a spot at the back of the head near the nape that is sensitive to pressure. Soldiers are trained to kill this way, sportsmen have died when a football have accidently hit them there. This child is lucky to be alive, I sincerely hope she does not suffer brain damage. This child should be given a thorough medical checkout, including one for sexual abuse. I got knock around like this as a child and was always looking and hoping someone would rescue me but that was wishful thinking. I also want to say that child abusers lie and claim they were abused as a child to get a sympathetic sentence. Well I have never abused any child or hate them, in fact it is adults I dislike and keep my distance from them ; I have few friends. I am still in mental pain when those memories rear their ugly heads. The property of this couple should be sold and the money put in trust for this poor child until she is at least age 25, in the meantime their bank accounts should be confiscated by the state and used to help children like this. No doubt the defence lawyer will twist things and say the couple are the real victims here. Lock them up and weld the cell doors to the frame, they should not get out to have children themselves to go through that HORROR. Again LOOK at the child's body language, it's the only way she can talk to us.


  2. This is one time someone will dissappear and never heard of , if ever this was my child. My daughter is 10 and I have only used the strap once and that's because I was call in by principal for rude behaviour. This is wickedness. We need to find these parents and do the same to dem. If the child is 5 and parents is 25 it must be done 5times as bad. If I count 5 slaps give parent 25 slaps. Equitable treatment.


  3. Someone needs to beat the shit out of those parents. They need to get wip lashed like back in the old days.


  4. Reprehensible. Not even animals are treated that way.
    Was that man himself a victim of the worst type of child abuse?


  5. Aa aa....waaaatt?? I read the article but wen I c d video aa...I almost cry....I wil say blatantly who ever unlikes my comment is jus as worst as dem n I kudnt b bothered....da fat salop hav to beat da child so? No wen I c d second slap I almost cry e....masiay!!! So child abuse is the new thing on the block? No enlighten me someone....wat da child to so much to b hit like dat?? N a woman shud b a good moral good natured woman whether is ur child or not...u mean to say dat woman eh feel a bit of sensitivity? Muh muh....awa weee...I always maintain dat ppl do things against one another but u c children? N especially dem innocent excuse for mistreating dem dam blatant excuse...dats pure wickedness... By right parents look out for children children take care of parents wen dey grow up....we fail to realise is a cycle...dats y sum parents dnt hav their children to look after dem..sum parents nt all....n sum , dey children get over past mistakes n say u no wat? I go take care of my parents cuz Sunday I wil hav kids tooo n b old...but da children own parents self dnt feel one day they will get old....n is ppl dey hav to beg to take care of dem n talking against deh own children.... Wat u do is wat u good to all cuz wen u call frm da ladder u may need a helping hand....its tym the senseless abuse against dem little children stop mun.....choops


  6. This is the worst of Child abuse I've ever seen. Turn the table on this bastard fools. What if the child choke or milk went the wrong way, what would they have done. This is so shocking, that this can of things are happening in today's world and people sit and watch this man and women abuse this little infant. The ass deserve a jail time.


  7. absolutely shocking, could only watch this horror for 30 seconds. No child should have to go through this abuse,


  8. SMDFH I WISH AFTER THE JUDGE PUTS A HEAVY CHARGE ON THEM THAT HE OR SHE ORDERS SOMEONE TO FEED BOTH OF THESES PEOPLE MILK AND FORCE THEM TO DRINK IT AND IF THEY DONT TO SLAP THEM THEY WAY THEY DID THE CHILD. omg i cant belive these things happen to children i could imagine the things which are happening to those we dont even see


  9. That punk should be taught the same lesson. Place him in a cell with a few honchoes, and force him to drink vinegar. The enforcer would utter Ha, every time he is to drink. When he is tardy, whop upside the head. Ha , Whop ... Ha..., Whop...Ha. That woman should be castrated before it is too late. Ha.


  10. OMG this man is so cruel and this woman could stay there and let him treat this little girl like that. Horrible. Two criminals and good the police got them. He was trying to choke the child. Apparently he must have abused her in some other way and he trying to get rid of her.


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