CARIBBEAN: Community turns on 19-y-o man for returning lost money

CARIBBEAN: Community turns on 19-y-o man for returning lost money
Jabary Williams tells his story of honesty and disappointment. *Photo credit: Jamaica Observer
Jabary Williams tells his story of honesty and disappointment. *Photo credit: Jamaica Observer
Jabary Williams tells his story of honesty and disappointment. *Photo credit: Jamaica Observer

JAMAICA OBSERVER – NINETEEN-year-old Jabary Williams has found out the hard way that acts of kindness and honesty are not always appreciated in a society where morals are on the decline.

Williams says he was walking in his inner-city Kingston community, recently, when he found a bag containing approximately $100,000.

The former City College student told the Jamaica Observer that the reaction from members of his Kid Lane community when he decided to return the bag of money has left him dumbfounded.

He said that when he found the money he was struck with so many emotions, he was left confused.

“When I found the money several ideas ran though my mind; I didn’t know how to feel, I was shocked, at one point, happy at another and then sad,” the teenager said in an interview at the Observer’s Beechwood Avenue headquarters in Kingston.

Williams said he struggled with the thought of giving back the funds as he reflected on his own life and the struggles he was facing as a poverty-stricken young man growing up in the inner-city.

He said he carried the money home and could not get rid of thoughts of spending it.

After all, his mother was ill and he needed clothes along with so many other things.

The youngster, who works at a bakery, said that while he sat at home staring at the money, trying hard to ignore the voice in his head, he overheard a man telling his father that he had lost a large sum of money.

He said he listened further and heard the man describe the bag.

Williams said he went as far as inspecting the bag that the funds was in, and found an identification card with the picture of the man who was asking around.

“When I saw all of that I, decided to return the money,” Williams told the Observer.

He never imagined that his act of honesty would almost cost him his life.

Williams said the first thing that happened was that the owner of the $100,000 gave him “a measly $100” for his troubles.

“After I gave back the funds the man who lost the money gave me $100 dollars,” said a dejected Williams.

But things got worse when news about his return of the money began to circulate around the community.

Williams said since that time he has been subjected to several verbal attacks from residents of the area.

“I have even gone to play football and have been told to leave the field,” said the youngster.

According to Williams, since the incident he has been made to feel like an outcast.

“To the way people in the area treat me it has made me feel bad, but if I had to do it again I would,” said Williams, adding that from a tender age he always tried to be honest.

Since then Williams’ kind act has caught the attention of his employer who has moved to highlight his case.

“It is really sad to see the state that the country has gone, where an act of honesty is frowned upon,” said Williams’ boss Peter Bent.

Bent said he was encouraged that, in spite of the pressure, Williams has been able to remain focused.

“When I see things such as these, it makes me believe that all is not lost. Despite all the pressure, there are still people among us who have morals and values,” said Bent.



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  1. That same Jamaica has more churches per capita than any country in the world. Then again Jamaica also has more murders per capita than any country in the world. Somting nah right!!


  2. I can understand the hurt this guy feel but he shouldn't, those people are telling they can't be trusted and would steal his money or any other criminal act even against his own family and think nothing more of it. Another good thing (think positive) did happen though, they don't want the young man around them. Excellent!!, their lifestyle won't rub off on him. STAY well clear of them too !!. Another point, this will stand in his favour if a crime occurs in his vicinity. I sincerely hope he don't let those people mould him into someone different to who he is now. Good decent Parents look for such son-in-laws. With the BAD reputation of Jamaica well known World Wide, this man should be feted by the government as Proof that they do have good citizen's who do the right thing. These are the People to help along in life, they will attract Foreign Commerce, Industry, Tourism, etc. All the good things for the Country. I hope this note of mine reach his Government. He deserve a recommendation.


  3. what goes around comes around son... The almighty is watching over you... you will grow up to earn more than that 100000 dollars and those who frowned upon you and shun you will be the same ones coming back for help....


  4. What a shame? We don't need those kinds among us. We have enough of them already. What will the young ones learn. I am glad that the boy allowed his conscience to guide him particularly after he identified the owner. He will be truly rewarded in time to come. It's a shame on the owner to reward him with so little.


    • like you said, "He will be truly rewarded in time to come", remember Jesus healed 10 and only 1 said thanks.


  5. wow bravo my boy if i was you i would take the money but you did the right thing cause you see the thing is if you find something and no one claims it you can keep it but the fact that you heard someone ask and describe the bag and you found further evidence of an i d of that individual in the bag if you had not given it back it would make you a thief cause of the fact that you have knowledge of what the person lost and you didn't return it since it didn't belong to you. dont mind the others that ridicule you cause society is very negative these days and people accept only or mostly what is wrong and when you try to do the right thing you are frowned upon in the case of your circumstances in some way god will bless you i mean look on the bright side because of your honesty if you a good worker your boss can promote you in the end getting a hire salary , you dont get much employes you can trust cause if i was a boss and a employee of mine can return that sum of money then i would be willing to trust him with any some of my money


  6. How sad well unfortunately I don`t think theres much left in kindness in your country... you`re a real pearl my boy you did tghe right thing at the end of the day your heart is clear..... I wish I could help this guy and let him know its was honourable what he did....


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