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CARIBBEAN: Chiropractor arrested after tricking clients to believe sex was a part of therapy

By Trinidad Express

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blanchard-valley-chriopractic-findlay-ohio-backgroundTRINIDAD EXPRESS – A CHIROPRACTOR who allegedly tricked his clients into believing that sex was part of the therapy, has been charged with five sexual assault crimes.

The 43 year old man of Couva is expected to appear before a Couva magistrate on Monday.

The suspect was arrested last week after he allegedly assaulted and raped a 19 year old girl.

According to police, earlier this month, the suspect was visited by the girl and her 55 year old mother.

The visit was at his home where he has been carrying out the practice for the last 15 years although he is  not certified, police said.

Police said that on that occasion, he allegedly sexually assaulted the teenager and her mother, telling both of them that the assault was part of the process of the therapy.

The mother and daughter left the suspect’s home, and no complaint was made to the police.

On March 20, as instructed by the suspect, the teenager alone returned to his home.

During the therapy he allegedly sexually assaulted and raped her.

The girl left the suspect’s home, and later told her mother of the incident.

The mother and daughter reported the incidents to the Couva CID and investigations were carried out by Ag Sgt Pierre and WPC Beckles.

He was arrested and subsequently charged with four offences of grievous sexual assault and one offence of rape.

The charges were laid by WPC Beckles.

Police said that it is believed that the suspect had assaulted more of his clients and are appealing for victims to visit the Couva CID and speak with officers.

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  1. True but rape can also happen through manipulation especially with a profession such as his. I am a counsellor who has dealt with patients who was similarly raped. He could've easily been touching and doing inappropriate things to them and tell them it was ok for him to do it because its his job as a chiropractor. Usually some people with professions such as chiropractors and doctors can easily manipulate a patient into raping them. These scheming perverted people can manipulate their patients and sadly when they have been reported, society calls the victims stupid. Im just glad that these two women came out and reported it despite the fact that half of society might see them as being stupid. Thats really courageous. You wouldn't believe how many educated women go through manipulated rape.

  2. But how people so stupid?

  3. first of all all those that went to mate and did that are real idiots. the mother and also the daughter is a idiot . you mean to say you went there once he tried that on you yall didnt say nothing you the daughter still going back there AGAIN. chpz that daughter i say wanted her thing cause that is the most absurd thing i have ever heard.

    and you know what i strongly believe that the mother had everything to do with this . you know there are some mothers that encourage their daughters to sleep with men for things and then the mothers calling rape and bringing you to court so they can get a big money. if you as a mother was assaulted by the man along with your daughter why send your daughter back again this time alone even if the suspect requested it when you know that action most likely will happen again.

    • He ask the daughter to come back. Mom thought he did it to only her and got upset when she found out he did it to her daughter too. Maybe mom first thought she wad hot stuff because she thought she turn him on, only to find out she wasn't that special

  4. so wait a minute.....if he did not rape the daughter and not reported it he would of continue with his saloptay ...well danm dumb stupid ppl

  5. I would charge the patients instead, for being such assholes....

  6. The mother didn't report it the first time, because she thought he only did it to her and not the daughter. I can understand the daughter being confused, but the mothers in other story. Really woman!!!

  7. Can we charge the parent with stupidity for believing the Dr. and not reporting it the first time? SMH...mate could ever tell me sex is therapy for me to believe him? If sex is therapy tell me go home to my other half and get it.


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