CARIBBEAN: CCJ judge warns of dangers in accepting Privy Council itinerant court offer

CARIBBEAN: CCJ judge warns of dangers in accepting Privy Council itinerant court offer
Justice David Hayton
Justice David Hayton
Justice David Hayton

CARIBBEAN 360 – A Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) judge has cautioned the country about a Privy Council proposal to operate as an itinerant court.

Justice David Hayton said accepting such a proposal, which would be at the expense of the state, might be dangerous and could potentially be considered political interference.

Lord David Neuberger of the Privy Council said last month that the court was willing to offer services to the region via video links and to travel to hear cases from Commonwealth countries.

However, Justice Hayton warned that the aggrieved party could also be left with a hefty bill if he loses the case, since that person usually has to pay costs for both sides.




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  1. They always sing for their supper those elites. They serve no one else ad absolutely nothing else but their own self interest. Nothing else is placed ahead of that. Just look at those coming out of academia for example, from the University of the West Indies.
    Who is that blind or that dumb not to realise that such sentiments as that being broadcasted, is anything more than self-serving. The ordinary man in the street may be the only one fooled. About this I am not sure that he is fooled. Me? You?


  2. Thats a superficial argument. Wouldn't the losing party have to pay cost even though the case was held in England (which may even be more expensive). The point about government being the financier of such operation is mute since the government also finances CCJ and the judges. What is his point exactly?


  3. Still believe they are an Empire and need a steady flow of Cash into their coffers.


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