CARIBBEAN: CARICOM letting UN take lead in resolving Haiti-Dominican Republic matter

CARIBBEAN: CARICOM letting UN take lead in resolving Haiti-Dominican Republic matter

CARIBBEAN 360 – CARICOM has pledged not to ease the pressure on the Dominican Republic in response to the country’s immigration crackdown.

But it will only be doing so through diplomatic channels, while allowing the United Nations to take the lead in attempting to resolve the matter that has left thousands of undocumented people of Haitian descent, who were born in the Dominican Republic, stateless.

The declaration was made over the weekend by chairman of the community, Barbados’ Prime Minister Freundel Stuart who stated: “We cannot condone behaviour that, in our view, enshrines barbarity into the constitutional practices of the Dominican Republic.”

“As a community, as a movement, we have to be careful that we do not race ahead of the Haitian government itself because they are on the spot, they know the realities . . . and we, therefore, have to be guided by them,” he said during the press conference held at the end of the CARICOM Heads of Government meeting in Barbados during which leaders met with Haitian President Michel Martelly.

“We therefore decided to invoke the assistance of the United Nations, particularly its human rights agencies, and to exert additional pressure through the Organisation of American States and, at the CARICOM level, of course, to continue our diplomatic efforts to bring this very difficult matter under some sort of control.”

The 15-member CARICOM grouping and the Dominican Republic comprise CARIFORUM, which signed an economic partnership agreement with the European Union in 2008.

However, Stuart said this would not be hindrance to the region’s position on the issue.

Discussions have taken place between representatives of the regional body and a high-level Dominican official, but CARICOM said the country did not remain faithful to its promises.


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  1. No teeth and spineless group of regional leaders. Just going to conferences to chat, dine and sip. Conveniently and without shame they leaving their work for the UN


  2. Culture has gotten hold of us like a cancer. For it is inexplicable how a people can ignore, frustrate and postpone the survial and well-being of their children only to keep a culture of partisan politics alive. The world has moved on from this backward idealogy to one which is practical where people who can work are put to work. There is a vision that everybody share no matter which party the favor. Yet they still don't allow favoritism go cloud their judgement yet we cling to this Flower festival for no practical reason.

    Let us today agitate for what we believe is better. We demand the sacking of this dead weight from our already impoverished economy.

    We the youth must rise out of this nonsense. We went to school to know better than what preceed. You cannot let your grandmother pretend to be a better economist than yourself, knowing all that you know is not from the mouths of sweet-toothed politicians


  3. Here we go again, a buch of failed, shameless leaders. If Dr Anthony who was chairman of CARICOM for so long declared it a FAILURE who are the ordinary people like me to say that they will succeed at anything? Meanwhile they continue to waste our scarce resources of summits and meetings designed for pleasure at eating steak and lobster and the other niceties in accomodation packages. Why not let the UN handle whether marijuana is right for us or investigate this IMPACS report.

    Who do these heads think they are fooling? When they cannot even believe in themselves.


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