CARIBBEAN: “Black people breed too much” says Anglican archdeacon

CARIBBEAN: “Black people breed too much” says Anglican archdeacon
Archdeacon James Palacious.
Archdeacon James Palacious.
Archdeacon James Palacious.

TRIBUNE 242 – Anglican Archdeacon James Palacious said on Tuesday that “black people breed too much”, adding that Bahamian women “should stop having babies” they cannot afford.

Addressing a crowd of supporters at the end of a march to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Majority Rule on the Southern Recreation Grounds, Archdeacon Palacious said unless “we find a way to control our reproductive processes” The Bahamas will be stuck recycling poverty.

The archdeacon said while Montagu MP Richard Lightbourn’s proposal for state-sponsored sterilisation of women was “most unfortunate,” he agrees with the principle of what Mr Lightbourn was trying to say.

While speaking at the Free National Movement’s (FNM) televised convention last July, Mr Lightbourn proposed that the country adopt legislation that mandates unwed mothers with more than two children have their “tubes tied” in an effort to curtail the country’s social ills. His comments drew the ire of many people, with some parliamentarians, local advocacy groups, and others swiftly condemning him for his statements. He has since apologised for his comments.

“We live in a society where the rich gets richer and the poor get children,” Archdeacon Palacious said on Tuesday.

“What I mean is this, unless we can control our reproductive process we will always be recycling poverty. My member of Parliament Richard Lightbourn made some most unfortunate remarks at the FNM convention, which he later apologised for, and that is important. Having said that let me say this too: the principal of what he was trying to say I agree totally.

“Black people breed too much. We have too many children we cannot afford and as a result of that we digging ourselves more and more into poverty. If we can’t see that then something is radically wrong with us.

“You have children on the lunch programme right now mothers, and you going having some more, come on man. Give me a break, give yourself a break. God didn’t put you here as any baby machine, he put you here to be a productive citizen of this country. That is what we need.”

Archdeacon Palacious also criticised the Bahamian people for “relying too much” on the government and not taking “responsibility” for their “own lives and actions.”

“We blame the government for our own failures …We complain about what the foreigners doing to us, what the white man doing, what the Chinese doing. Unfortunately, many of us are doing it to ourselves. The Chinese don’t have our girls pregnant over the hill,” he said.

“They aren’t robbing us, they aren’t killing us. We are the ones who are doing it to ourselves. We need to take personal responsibility for where we are right now. (Sir Lynden) Pindling already dead. Sir Roland (Symonette) already dead. They dead. We are here. We are the ones here that have to make sense of all of this. This day would mean nothing if we cannot show that we are better off. We need a zero tolerance for the bunch of excuses we make. There is so much more to be done, that mission of Majority Rule is accomplished but the struggle goes on.”

Archdeacon Palacious also said he is “dismayed” that the 2016 gender equality referendum did not prevail and he is disappointed that on the 50th anniversary of Majority Rule, that the “majority of the people in the country still do not have some fundamental rights under the Constitution”.


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  1. OH MY GOD!!!!!! I am just shock by these comments, people i am a st.lucian woman, i am now 56 years old , i have 1 one child, is it a sin to have a few kids, i grew up with 7 siblings, we were not rich we thank god we had fruits and vegetables around the yard . How selfish to judge, you are not God. Go crawl back in the hole you came from, fix your life before you judge, selfish........


  2. I take it that being a Nob-Roman Catholic, the priest can be very realistic and not repeat the nonsensical 'go forth and multiply. All this has done is that the foolish Catholic priests from the backwoods of France have doomed us with children just making children like rabbits, without a single thought about how they are going to feed them.
    The mothers then go out playing clothes peg for other males just to feed those children where the fathers cannot even feed themselves. The evidence is there. There are so many people with multiple half brothers and sisters. Some as many as 15.
    Therefore, we in Saint Lucia are now harvesting the fruits of obeying all that this RC crap. Murders, violence, and suicide to name a few.
    Children keep on making other children, without any proper guidance regarding their own behaviour, far less the host of the little retards that they will eventually push out of their wombs.

    No responsible journalist in living memory, has ever tried to tell the baby-making machines how much it costs to raise a child all the way to university in Saint Lucia today.

    This man has real courage. He must be applauded.


    • Saint Lucia now has generations of mobile incubators that the owners believe will be good old-age insurance policies. The political parties are happy to employ these as STEP roadside grass-cutting idiots.


  3. Are the Jewish in the poverty mess that we black people are in? We need a horse shit project in Vieux Fort to take care of our poverty .Is that making sense?


  4. The white supremacy must have given the black preist a message for his sheep followers who follow blindly not realising that the white race needs to decrease black reproduction for the long term survival of their of course theyll say blacks breed too much


    • And you have too much damn time on your hands. You use it to just talk crap? Most Saint Lucians are shit-talkers. They have no mind. Wrong. Their minds are limited to talking pure unadulterated crap most of their entire lives, from baby babbling youth up to their deaths.


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