CARIBBEAN: Barbados rattled by earthquake

CARIBBEAN: Barbados rattled by earthquake


CMC – An earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 rattled Barbados on Monday night, the United States Geological Survey, National Earthquake Information Center has reported.

It said that the quake occurred at 7:08 pm (local time) was located 65 miles north east of Bridgetown and was also felt in St Lucia.

The quake had a depth of 18.5 km and was located 13 degrees north and 59 degrees west. There were no reports of damages or injuries.

Last week, Barbados was rocked by a number of tremors, one which had a magnitude of 6.4.

The Trinidad-based Seismic Research Unit at the University of the West Indies (UWI) said that while the quakes are not uncommon, the region should be prepared for a major quake at any time.


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