CARIBBEAN: Barbados prepares to drop Queen as head of state on 50th independence anniversary

CARIBBEAN: Barbados prepares to drop Queen as head of state on 50th independence anniversary

queenieINDEPENDENT (UK) – Barbados has set a date for the removal of Queen Elizabeth II as its head of state, with the former British colony set to replace the monarch with a ceremonial president from independence day next year.

If all goes to the government’s plan, the Caribbean island will become a republic by 30 November 2016 – the 50th anniversary of it becoming a sovereign state.

The Prime minister, Freundel Stuart, has previously said it is “a little awkward in the year 2015 to still have to stand up and instead of pledging allegiance to Barbados to be pledging allegiance to ‘Her Majesty the Queen.’”

But Mr Stuart requires a two-thirds majority in Parliament to get the plan through – meaning it is not certain that Elizabeth will have been relieved of her duties as Queen of Barbados by independence day next year.

The timetable for Bermuda’s transition to a republic was reported by the Caribbean News Service website.



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  1. This artical doesn't state the pros and cons to leaving the common wealth. I am sure there will be a down side. What if war or civil unrest. Also it's a bit of a slap in the face to throw away your founding father. The U.K. Spent millions on setting up this country.
    Now some big headed ministers only 35 yrs old talk about pride. Maybe all they want is to put their face on the dollar bill.


  2. It is time to get rid of this institution as this "Queen" has completely and utterly failed to uphold her role as head of the Anglican Church and supposedly a leader of a country and Commonwealth based on Judeo Christian values or as they like to call it 'British' values.

    At a time when all these Judeo Christian values are under attack with the Left undermining the family , male/female relations and liberal crony capitalists , bankers and politicians are destroying the financial system . While Islamic terrorists are involved in the genocide of Christians in the Middle East and her own "subjects" around the world are under attack from these terrorists. Her only answer is to skirt around the existentialist problems facing Western civilization and talk vaguely about Christmas as though it exists in a vacum.

    She clearly has nothing to teach or impart to our people. She is a vague vacuous individual living in some bubble who has lost all the character and leadership ability of her ancestors. And her progeny are clearly no better as they do not show any spiritual backbone.
    So like Barbados let us get rid of this anachronism and not because of the idea of royalty representing our Judeo Christian values but because she has abjectly failed in her duty to defend the faith and uphold our Western values. She has taken the easy way out by luxuriating in the wealth her position provides but not showing the character and sense of responsibility to defend our civilization from the onslaught from liberalism and Islam.


  3. I think it's o.k. for countries with natural resources, and a solid Industrial base
    but for the small Islands with the only one industry, for now, ' Tourism'
    Too risky to take a chance on a complete brake. But with so many little men
    with PHD's ambitions run wild. Greed, fame and the lust for power, is the order
    of the day. Look at Zimbabwe and Mugabi, anything goes. Good luck St. Lucia.


  4. I don't think most Barbadians would actually want this, they are still too busy enjoying the "perks" of being "little England".


  5. The St. Lucian Government is too mentally weak and lack Pride to do anything that will impact us positively.

    We need a new breed of Men to govern and rule this Nation.


  6. the commentator
    who gave you from my "FIREBALL" ?


  7. Just so they can create their own little kingdom/dictatorship. "Absolute power corrupts absolutely."


  8. They have learned some sense. You cannot be Independent if you are subject to Another's will. You are either Independent or you are Not. I have said this for many years. All these countries who have Independence celebrations and Dances are only showing their STUPIDITY, they only have Autonomy and the British are Laughing at how easy it is to FOOL Black people, even those in Authority. HOW can a country be Independent when it is subject to another countries Don't do this or That, and have a Foreign Head of State; who's family would not marry you or one of your own even though you are all subjects of that Head of State!!?? Imaging!! OUR forefathers fought and died over the centuries for England, YOU and yours are subject to a Foreign Queen and you are treated as NOTHING without any Right's when entering her country; BUT her former enemies can Come and Go as they Please with BENEFITS. Coming to England and showing Customs a Dollar bill with the Queens picture on it will not make them welcome you with open arms. SO much for being in Her Commonwealth!!! Those countries who keep her as Head of State can be called upon Directly at any time to help her if A War threatens her or Escalates, BUT not her NEW friends in the EU who get her Benefits; they are independent and NOT subject to her. SO much for being in her Commonwealth!!. I would prefer A Governor General answer me and say I am Wrong, not someone who knows Nothing, but I know some FOOL will have something to say.


    • You have definitely posted the truth. All those who disliked your comment are either coconuts(black on the outside, white inside), white or uneducated.


  9. Never thought that "Little England" would drop the Queen as Head of State to become a republic, the Republic of Barbados (R.O.B.) or the Bajan Republic (BR).
    I guess that Saint Lucia will follow suit one day to become the Republic of Iyanola (R.O.I.).


    • I'll simply say this... In order for this to happen in Saint Lucia, our local government needs foresight and a plan in order to follow suit.


    • Commentator you must know Barbados is a leader in the Caribbean so St. Lucians following Barbados is nothing new. This story about Barbados going Republican is incorrect. The PM expressed his thoughts that Republicanism is another stage of constitutional development that's all. Barbados will not become a Republic anytime soon. There would have to a referendum and the pro-Republican politicians would have to show the benefits of Barbados leaving the current constitutional arrangement. That will not be easy with Barbados the Number One developing country in the world voters will ask why fix it if it isn't broke.


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