CARIBBEAN: Bahamas PM says no to same sex marriage

CARIBBEAN: Bahamas PM says no to same sex marriage

Perry-ChristieJAMAICA GLEANER – Prime Minister Perry Christie says the proposed referendum to amend the constitution will not allow for same sex marriages to become legal in the Bahamas.

Christie launched the YES Bahamas Campaign “Equal Rights for our Sons and Daughters” on Sunday, telling his audience that the Bahamas will only recognise marriage as being between a man and a woman.

The referendum will be held on June 7.

“I repeat: this referendum will not cause same-sex marriage to become legal in the Bahamas. Marriage in the Bahamas will be legal only if it is between a man and a woman, and male and female are determined at birth,” he said.

“I am so emphatic because it is so important for Bahamians to vote on what is really at stake – equal rights for our sons and daughters – and not let false rumours or incorrect information hold sway.

“This referendum does not seek to change Bahamian society or our traditional values – instead it seeks to change the Constitution so that it more clearly reflects those values, and our shared belief in fairness.”



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  1. After reading this article, Must say , Great respect to you Sir, For once here stands someone against such an utterly disgusting act. In my opinion, I strongly believe that the government should not legalize same sex marriage.

    First of all, a child needs both a mother and father. Girls who are raised apart from their fathers are reportedly at higher risk for early sexual activity and teenage pregnancy. Also a child without a mother is deprived of the emotional security and special advice that mothers provide.

    Secondly, One of the fundamental beliefs for us as christians is that God is the one who instituted marriage and according to his plan and standards, a marriage union should be between a male and a female. It should not be between a male and male or female and female ; such act is condemned by God .

    Legalizing same sex marriage can have catastrophic effects that we are not even aware of. The government should put in place an organization with the help of counselors to help people who are gender confused. We do not want to reject those who are struggling. I hope that the government will take this into consideration.

    A Concerned Citizen


  2. Kudos the the Bahamas PM. Yahuah the Most High calls this more than a sin. He calls it an Abomination.


  3. Many individuals are so self involved and soooo selfish when it comes to life that they will resort to any means simply to justify their actions or behavior.
    Blacks have been struggling their entire lives for equality and still have not received that recognition from the rest of the world.
    Yet somehow we are led to believe to abandon that cause and take up the fight for gays, which started by the perverted white minority in USA.
    How much dumber can we be to abandon our fight as a race and represent such a cause as being our primary focus when we are still not recognized as true human being.


  4. Gender is determined at birth ! The sex organs are designed for reproduction . Therefore, go ye and multiply. Any deviation is unnatural and abnormal. We must let it be known that money and other influences will not affect our beliefs.


    • So in refusing them to have their partnership covered by the same legal system as for a natural married couple, you are quite happy that they contribute towards paying their taxes and supporting the economy?
      Or are you going to demand that they stop contributing towards the economy if they may not protect the assets and belongings.
      And please do not go off ranting about the sins as per the Bible, when you are very selective which ones are to be enforced and which ones we decide not to see. You obviously missed the bit where Jesus told the people to love everybody. (or do you have your own bible where it says, except in Barbados, or the Caribbean or whatever place you live at?)


  5. children!! children !!
    yes mama !
    where did you come from?
    Grand mama!!
    how is she keeping ?
    safe and sound!!
    what did she teach you?
    Doh bend dong!


  6. Where does Kenny stand on the issue. I have heard from Jamaica, Trinidad and now Bahamas.

    You know why this is wrong? Conduct an experiment listing all gays then you will see how many will threaten with lawsuits. But wait, isn't defamation the act of associating someone with something which is bad or disparaging thereby damaging their reputation?

    All the under-covers will be up in arms. If it was something that was good you all would have been proud.


  7. Maximum respect to you Sir. For once here stands a MAN based on principles and simply not manipulating the political system system in order to stay in office. Congratulations.


  8. There is nothing wrong in being gay, and I believe that the Bahamas age of consent is too low. It should be raised to over 21 years for girls to prevent teenage pregnancies and suicide rates.

    Every country in the Caribbean should strive to protect our girls from sexual intercourse. We are planning to petition the Government of Guyana to increase the age of consent from the disturbing low 16 to 18. We will further advocate that the drinking age law of Guyana be increased from 18 to 21.

    Feminist and LGBT activist Sherlina Nageer will assist with enforcement of such laws by allowing the police to conduct search warrants on premises owned by Guyanese drug lords and cocaine distributors.

    If there are more women from 18-24 getting pregnant despite enforcement of our petition, we will work on increasing the age of consent in Guyana from 18 to 24 years.

    We are currently petitioning the Government of Guyana to stamp out crime by creating a Sex Offenders Registry in which drug lords and cocaine cartels who force women under 24 into the sex trade will have to register as a Sex Offender and be monitored by the public and police agencies to prevent further sexual crimes against women in Guyana.

    We have to increase the age of consent to over 21 to protect our girls and women from sexual predators and drug lords.

    -The Caribbean Voice, USA


    • Are you assuming that a WOMAN of 18 to 21 cannot think on her own. Are you assuming that if a man approaches a 21 year old WOMAN that she is not capable of reasoning and making her own decision?



    • There might not be anything wrong to you in being gay but just like any other and every sin is WRONG also before the eyes of god . how can u just stay and think it is not wrong . it is natural for the opposite sexes to attract anything apart from that is not natural and was not meant to be , how can two people of the same gender make a child and raise a family the proper way a family was intended to people are just sick and disgusting and want normal people to accept your wrong ways,i am not saying if you want to be gay u can't ,u can go right ahead but that does not justify that it is right.this curse on the human population is threatening the existence of the real meaning of a family. - See more at:


  9. Happy that someone is following the laws of god and not that of man cause this ate some if the reasonscwhy we have so many problems in the world. Cudos to you Bahamas.


    • i so agree with you on this ,man and female were created but men in their debase mind and wickedness of the heart have come to believe its right what a wicked and perverse generation of evil its sad though that so many people are falling for this its ok to be gay Yahweh forbid.


  10. Big up stand 4 what is moral sir. May many more follow what is right instead of what the USA is promoting.


  11. finally some one who will stand up for what is right and godly and not just accept all things humans want to do and accept it as right because they think so


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