CARIBBEAN: Antiguan minister to recommend decriminalisation of buggery

CARIBBEAN: Antiguan minister to recommend decriminalisation of buggery

Front-2-buggeryANTIGUA OBSERVER – The Minister of Social Transformation, having taken notice of the discussion on the decriminalisation of buggery (anal sex) between consenting adults which was rehashed recently at the United Nations (UN), says she’s willing to make such a recommendation to the Cabinet.

In a brief interview with OBSERVER media, Minister of Social Transformation, Samantha Marshall admitted that she thought the law was “antiquated”.

“I think the law, as it was, is somewhat antiquated. To be honest I don’t know that it is something that is enforced at this stage and serves any purpose (and) so should be removed,” Marshall said.

The nation’s human rights record was examined at the UN Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) last week and calls were renewed from the UPR Working Group for decriminalisation.

Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Legal Affairs, Senator Maureen Payne-Hyman, responded by assuring the working group that the law is not used to prosecute individuals for engaging in consensual buggery.



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  1. This law was put in place because Anal sex carried Bacterial Germs (even if the male cleaned himself properly) into Women, causing Vaginal Pain etc and Miscarriage of Pregnancies and Death, the man too can get infected. I a man know this, WHY don't this Woman Minister Talk as if she do instead of being Silly. Furthermore, a male penis cannot have sex with another penis what ever anyone say. SO She is Depending on Antibiotics!? Pray her Country is well stocked and they don't run out. Open the door and someone will put a Wedge in to Stop it closing, meaning all sorts of things will Enter or Blow in. In any case, Sex is a Private thing done in Ones Bedroom where we don't see; so why make it a Law unless they now want to do it Publicly.


  2. Sigh ... this is just so saddening. Sodom and Gomorrah will be happening all over again.


  3. This is the first step and we ALL know what's coming next... The legalization of...


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