CARIBBEAN: Antigua Government announces elimination of personal income tax

CARIBBEAN: Antigua Government announces elimination of personal income tax

GB-700x616CARIBBEAN NEWS SERVICE – Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Thursday announced that effective April, personal income tax will be abolished in its entirety.

The Prime Minster who made the announcement in his presentation of the 2016 Budget said this was a promise made to the people of Antigua and Barbuda during the election campaign.

“That was a major campaign promise, and my Government honours its word to the people. Promise made, promise kept. Abolishing Personal Income Tax is an important reform. Not only will it put more money in the pockets of the people, so that they can save or spend more for the benefit of the economy as whole, it will help to re-establish our country as one of the most competitive in the Caribbean and beyond.”

He said with the elimination of the income tax, EC$30 million will be back in the pockets of the people.

“The cost of collecting PIT (personal income tax); the difficulty of enforcement; and its unfairness, with most of the self-employed not paying or not paying their fair share; make it sensible to remove the PIT from our books,” said Browne who is also Finance Minister.



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  1. the mighty USA cannot survive without income tax neither can any country in europe, yet our brilliant caribbean politician has come up with another plan for ruin. How is the nation's infrastructure going to be maintained? how is he going to get that money? Truth is fellow Caribbean people we have too many small brains and arrogant brained people in our politics with no worthy technical and and bureaucratic support unlike other countries that are better off than us. if they have a few the politicians run them out or fail to employ them and give jobs to their mediocre friends or families instead. then we get massive brain drain. no plan just a couple of men who cannot see past their pockets. and with no legitimate judicial system to in place to show accountability each party ruin the country for five years. another case in point; st lucia.


    • Income tax without tax return is bills hit why u not speaking o that in the USA and Europe u get tax return we don't in the islands so it's not benefiting us.take it out that's right.


  2. The removal of PIT sounds good on the surface but how that revenue source will be replaced would be more interesting to me. Pay as you earn is a good way to get the highest grossing nationals to carry their fair share of the national burden. To use the self employed as the the reason is too simple a reason as a good compliance program could have solved that problem.


  3. To balance the government budget, VAT has to rise and also the import duties. Anyway it will reduce bureaucracy and it's cost. Good idea. Keep it simple.


    • Most people don’t pay income tax, it’s unfair if you work for a reputable company you pay tax, meanwhile the coconut vendor, bus driver, drug dealer, causal yard cleaner, person working by the market pays nothing. Also if a person makes 1500/ month the tax is so small it’s not even worth doing the paperwork, and employing hundreds of people to collect.
      Just put the service charge from 6 to 8 perecent . Send the whole tax department home, Lucians love a package. Why am I so cleaver and governments so dum.


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