CARIBBEAN: Antigua CIP passport holder detained

CARIBBEAN: Antigua CIP passport holder detained


ANTIGUA OBSERVER – Questions are being asked, once again, about the level of due diligence of Antigua & Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP), as news of a Chinese woman and her daughter being held at the Grand Royal Antiguan Hotel surfaced.

The Chinese government sent a “Wanted” report through Interpol for the woman who holds an Antiguan and Barbudan Citizenship by Investment passport.

Well- placed sources told OBSERVER media the woman is wanted by the Chinese government for leaking confidential information.

Sources said a Chinese delegation arrived in Antigua this weekend to discuss the situation.

The woman and her daughter are apparently being held on the fourth floor of the hotel under heavy surveillance by police and Immigration officials.

It is understood while the two are able to leave the property a 24- hour detail accompanies both everywhere.


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  1. Juffali due diligence. CIP due diligence. A certain bank did their due diligence and kicked out a crooked lawyer. That lawyer is now involved with which program? How much due diligence did they need to know about him? Whole choo nous pas bon. Lord help my country because all I see is a disaster waiting to happen.


  2. yet still Kenny and co along with RF talking about seeing nothing wrong with CIP. We do not want CIP!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I wonder how that information slipped the officers entrusted to conduct due diligence????? Or was it picked up and conveniently ignored AFTER facts were presented?????
    Maybe the CEO of CIP in St.Lucia should lend support to Antigua and Barbuda, St.Kitts and Nevis and Dominica and advise them on due diligence.CIP St.Lucia seem to have confidence in their ability to exercise due diligence. While they are at it I would also like them to advise the nations mentioned above that it is perfectly ok for very close friends to be involved in such a process as it will mitigate against potential conflict of interest, corruption and transparency.

    When the US ready for you'll zot ki tun.

    BTW are the persons involved in CIP good fits?????
    Because this CIP atrocity is no small thing. This can potentially have dangerous consequences, especially in the face of mounting terriosm.
    You think the US have confidence in us as small island third world countries. All this people might be seeing is desperate third world countries that they can liken to being corrupt and money hungry.

    CIP in my books is a desperate affair adopted by politicians who have no idea how to revive the economy.


    • And if you can't seem to understand that very close friends involve in that process is dangerous then we already have a problem on our hands.


    • We have country bucks who know very little about international affairs to deal with international terrorism, international drug dealers, international money launderers and the like. Due diligence is what got those countries in trouble with China. Do you believe that the UK, the EU and the US would ever trust our minuscule ability to do to their satisfaction "due diligence?" Those local political misfits and country bucks are a damn joke.


    • I never knew that the US controls us. I thought we were independent. Why all of u stupid people fraid of those good for nothing so called bigger countries? it's like u all desperate to get a visa to go USA. you all scared that they don't issue u all a visa? The US have more scandals that we do. Hilary Clinton leaked out alot of it so tell them mind their business and let us mind ours. I don't think the pain in the basket would do any better. I hear his father in all little holes campaining for him. Since when Chastnet care about the small man in this country?


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