CARIBBEAN: Antigua and Barbuda bans chicken, meat products from Brazil

CARIBBEAN: Antigua and Barbuda bans chicken, meat products from Brazil

ban-on-brazil-meatANTIGUA OBSERVER – Antigua & Barbuda has followed the lead of its regional partners by instituting an outright ban on the importation of Brazilian meat products and chicken.

The Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda made the decision yesterday following news that Brazilian inspectors had been bribed to certify meat for export that was rotten or tainted with salmonella.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas said the Ministry of Agriculture is taking the lead role on the prohibition.

“The technicians will put in place, through the port of entries, the necessary conditions that will stipulate that we are restricting the imports from Brazil of those products,” Nicholas said.

The twin island state is the latest country to suspend imports from Brazil over allegations that companies have been selling unsafe produce for years.

Earlier this week, other Caribbean neighbours, namely St Lucia, Jamaica, Barbados, Dominica and Trinidad & Tobago also announced a recall of corned beef, chicken nuggets and patties imported from Brazil.

Earlier this week, the Ministry of Agriculture said that it was monitoring the events and keeping a close watch on the situation as it unfolded in the South American country.


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  1. smh the whole world has put a ban on brazil. who knows what else they have that is not good besides beef


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