CARIBBEAN: “Alien fish” catch sparks debate on Grenadine island

CARIBBEAN: “Alien fish” catch sparks debate on Grenadine island

AR-160209831.jpg&MaxW=730&imageversion=ArticleTRINIDAD EXPRESS – Is it an alien, an evolutionary milestone or just a great ploy by our neighbours to reel in the tourists?

That’s the question after fishermen from the Grenadine island of Carriacou recently hauled a weird-looking “alien” sea creature – which they claimed looked like a cross between a human and a fish – out of the shallow waters of the port of Windward.

According to a report this week in the Insquisitr online, the “alien fish” was about a foot long and was described by astonished local fishermen as having scales like a normal fish but no fins.

The creature instead had a pair of human-like feet with toes and a nearly “perfect human nose” located immediately above its mouth.

It also reportedly has structures that look like a tail and wings.

Sceptics have weighed in to say that the creature is simply one of several species of batfish that populate the waters around the islands. The fishermen disagreed and said they would have recognised a batfish immediately.



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  1. Meant to say weeds infestation. Thee Americans messing up our marine life. Lousianna has samples of those type of ugly looking fish. Who knows what these cruise ships are dumping in our ocean?


  2. Thee alienated fish is coming to our shore's by these freight vessel's from overseas. When are we capable of doing those checks?Many other countries have tightened there borders with constant surveillance practices. Australia is one of them. Fish from other parts of the hemisphere migrated into our water's during the entries of those tourists we are depending on for survival. That is also how the sea weeds infection came to our shore's. Where are our local scientist in the Caribbean to experimented those issues for us? We shouldn't jump on this miraculous devil coming by sea. Do your research on those container vessel's before speculating on other things?Wake up and live according to Bob Marley!!!


  3. nothing strange is someone that was doing evil magic and were just transforming back to human form or to that fish to travel overseas, people used to say that all they have to do is jump over a basin of water and they in some other country already. some say it is bat fish some say it is frog fish , if yall say that this is what it is then yall should have no problem identifying if it is a frog or bat fish but it is clearly they are not sure, i say send it to some lab or something to study it. To me a rare find like that they should have more and better pictures of the thing.


    • It reminds me of the pig with 'human' head born in europe an asia last year. (two pigs, one in each region)


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