Caribbean Airlines seeks to improve service to Guyana

Caribbean Airlines seeks to improve service to Guyana

(CMC) – Newly appointed Chief Executive officer of the regoinal carrier, Caribbean Airlines, Garvin Madera, says the airline hoped to improve its service to Guyana.

Madera, who on Wednesday met with officials of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), and the Tourism and Hospitality Association said his company will be working to improve its service and relationship with Guyana.

The CEO said the airline is looking to fill many of the gaps that remain in regional travel and is seeking to become a bigger partner for Guyana.

According to Madera, the airline wants to understand the needs of the Guyana market and see how best it will be able to meet those needs.

Meanwhile, PSC Chairman, Desmond Sears, said the Commission looks forward to having regular engagements with the management of Caribbean Airlines.

Captain Gerry Gouveia of the National Air Transportation Association, said that despite complaints over the years, Caribbean Airlines has remained with the Guyana and continues to offer a service even when many others have pulled out of the market.

Madera who was appointed CEO earlier this month, has been offering his vision for the airline.

Caribbean Airlines has been plying the Guyana market for several years.


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