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Caribbean Airlines investigates reported runway incursion at JFK

By SNO Staff

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Caribbean Airlines is investigating reports of an alleged incident regarding JetBlue 1295, and BW flight 526 on Saturday night (17th January) at JFK airport, New York.

The Trinidad Express had reported that passengers on board the JetBlue flight bound for Austin, Texas, narrowly escaped injury after a Caribbean Airlines jet reportedly crossed the runway in front of the craft as it prepared to take off.

The newspaper said, “Shortly before 9 p.m. on Saturday, JetBlue Flight 1295 was making its way down the runway at Kennedy International Airport in New York, when the pilots saw Caribbean Airlines Flight 526 crossing the runway in front of them.”

Reports are that the pilots immediately hit the brakes, avoiding a collision, and alerted the tower of the incident. According to an Associated Press (AP) report, JetBlue spokesman Rick Clark said the flight had been going at high speed when the incident occurred.

JetBlue has said the Caribbean Airlines flight was not authorised to use the runway at that time. The incident caused a three-hour delay. However, passengers arrived safely in Texas early yesterday (Sunday) morning.

Passengers on the JetBlue flight spoke with ABC’s Eyewitness News, saying it was a terrifying experience.“One minute we were going really fast and the next minute the brakes just slammed on,” one passenger said. Another passenger said she suffered “a huge whiplash”.

A Caribbean Airlines spokeswoman said the airline is concerned to hear of the incident and is taking the “runway incursion” allegation very seriously. The spokeswoman added that Caribbean Airlines is in the process of investigating the facts of the incident in cooperation with all regulator agencies.

“In the interim, Caribbean Airlines is complying with all incident management procedures included within its Safety Management System and adjunct regulations,” she said.

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  1. The pilots of the CA flight must have had a good reason to be crossing in front of a flight that was taking off. There must have been some miscommunication or no communication at all. They will not intentionally risk theirs lives and those of the passengers and crew so carelessly. We need to be fair to them and make our conclusions AFTER the investigation is completed. Right now we do not know how this could have happened. Let's be fair to all involved people.

  2. The air line was on the wrong traffic control frequency. The distance between the two aircraft was about 2800 feet, a distance that requires 30 seconds for the two aircrafts to collide. A pretty close call folks. The info was obtained from a televised news source.

  3. Thank god no one got hurt

  4. I saw a report about this on an American news channel this morning. It said the tower radioed the CAL flight to stop but it didn't respond. Later it was discovered it was on a different frequency. The whole thing sounded more serious than this report suggests.

    CAL needs to pull up their socks before something really terrible happens. They have a very good safety record, comparable to better than many of the big names in the industry. But in the last few years they seem to have been getting sloppy.

  5. Lol @ the commentator

  6. This is the big city people. Study the routes. It's much more complicated than ours, which is usually one strip.

  7. AA! Seems like Caribbean Airlines forget that they not on a highway in Trinidad & Tobago. They did not see the red light.

    • The 1st time I traveled to San Fernando from Port Of Spain I was shocked by the way people drove on the highway so I understand the reference too well 🙂


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