CARIBBEAN: 17-y-o Trini girl hangs self after failing exam

CARIBBEAN: 17-y-o Trini girl hangs self after failing exam

AR-160119856TRINIDAD EXPRESS – After failing an examination, which was followed by a disagreement with other relatives, a 17-year-old Form Four pupil hanged herself.

Aleisha Bridgeman, a pupil of the Mayaro Secondary School, was discovered hanging at her home in Upper Hillview, Readymix Village, Mayaro, on Monday afternoon.

Relatives said the teenager was depressed after failing the examination as she had always been a “straight-A” pupil.

However, with this tragedy, relatives took the opportunity yesterday while speaking with members of the media to plead with young people to never commit suicide, no matter how depressed they may feel.

“There will be more tests in the future.

“Don’t do it. No matter how hard things might seem in the moment…hold on as it will get better,” Aleisha’s mother, Vanessa Bridgeman, said.



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  1. Its fascinating how some parents attempt to fix thier mistakes through their children and expect only perfection. Some parents fail to realise that failure and disappoint is an important part of growing up and a lesson which all of us must learn. We must teach them what to do when that failure comes.
    I always supported the idea that if a student is a typical straight A student I mark them harder than the average student. To humble them and challenge them. The i take the extra time to instruct them. These talented gems must be tactfully polished. I believe a student truly grows when he realises how little he knows.

    A children who has never known failure is almost always emotionally the weaker one.


  2. I agree sometimes parents just want the best for their children but not all children will respond the same with the type of pressure they are going through to be successful and make their parents proud. I am a student too and I mean sometimes I go through depression and strive for excellence but not every time a person will come first in class or get every sum correct there would be a point where you will fail always have room for disappointment and there is always room for improvement so I am pleading out to my fellow students it don't matter what school you go to , how much money you get to spend each day, but in life there will always be disappointing moments and room to improve on it .


  3. I get so angry when I hear about children committing suicide when they fail to achieve a particular exam results! If education is meaningful it is the nurturing of resilient children who can take disappointment in their stride and thrive. If a society cannot achieve that then education is meaningless. It is better to stay uneducated!


  4. I remember many years ago there were reports of suicides in Trinidad for these same reasons. The pressure being placed on the young ones to perform or make it to the top school.
    I have had friends who could not accept any other grade except an "A" or an average of 90- 100 %. When this was not achieved sometimes we would just witness a particular individual slamming her fist on the desk and crying out in frustration.
    I know of parents who have placed pressure on some children to perform, some comparing them to other members of the family, inadvertently creating destructive patterns of behavior which survives into adulthood. Even society and the work place create that sort of pressure
    It is a sad situation. Life is about balance.


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