CARIBBEAN: 14-y-o boy charged with father’s murder in Jamaica

CARIBBEAN: 14-y-o boy charged with father’s murder in Jamaica

knife-attacksJAMAICA OBSERVER – A 14-year-old boy is to appear in court next week to answer to murder charges.

The victim: his father – 37-year-old Dwight McKenzie of Cambridge Street in Franklyn Town, St Andrew.

The police say another person is also to be charged in connection with McKenzie’s murder.

Reports from the police are that while McKenzie was scolding his son on Monday, December 7, a knife was brought into play and he was stabbed.

McKenzie succumbed to his injuries on Wednesday. His son was then arrested and charged with murder on Friday.



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  1. To the Canadianlucian, I am St. Lucian and Jamacian mixed before you cast stones at Jamaicans look in your own back yard. I recently visited Lucia it is a beautiful island but it also has its problems, did you not forget about the gruesome choppings just recently in Lucia? Lucians aren't wicked??? please, my family is an example of wicked, greedy, jealous people so before you make statements like that think twice. You are wicked to make such a generalized statement. By the way, there are also some very nice people living in Jamaica as well as St. Luica.


  2. You Jamaicans are a set of violent and wicked people ... see it all the time see how they treat each other... lots of hate lots evil no one talks about how some people who seem so nice can be so evil.... there's lots going on in that country that needs to be addressed because there are some wicked people living there... the kids are only a product of the environment learning what the adults show and teach them..... The killing the brutality , the rapes, the gun violence, the drugs.... corruption I can't understand how can humans be that way how can they be so wicked at times


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