Caretakers programme recommences

Caretakers programme recommences


PRESS RELEASE – As part of its routine maintenance programme the Ministry Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment inherited “The Caretaker System” in 2012.

Since then it has expanded to cover 448 kilometers (km) of roads in 12 of the 13 Zones and employing approximately 650 person annually.

On Tuesday July 28th, 2015 the Ministry of Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment held a meeting to discuss the logistics and programme objectives of the Caretaker programme. The meeting served as an orientation session for supervisors from the various districts around Saint Lucia.

The Caretaker Programme is one that is welcomed by the people of Saint Lucia.The scope of works is confined to vegetation control, tree overhangs and drainage cleaning along roadsides.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Transformation Ms. Juliana Alfred explained that “The purpose of the meeting was to do a caretakers orientation with the supervisors.

Our programme commences in August and runs for four(4) months. The programme is a road maintenance that is basically executed around the island.

The Ministry wanted to ensure make sure that supervisors are aware of the procedures of the Ministry and address any of the concerns they might have in terms of operating this programme in an efficient manner.”

The Programme will commence during August and run through the months of September, November 2015 and February 2016.

Hon. Harold Dalsan noted that during the rainy season there is a need to unclog drains and clear roadsides and applauded his Ministry for getting this programme back on the road.

Hon. Harold Dalsan further explained that“Most of the persons who are given the opportunity to work in that programme are persons who are economically depressed or persons who are vulnerable. This is part of the Ministry’s Social Protection programme where employment is provided to those in need of assistance. “

The Ministry wishes to advise motorists as well as the general public to be vigilant when using the nation’s roads, during this time.

Please acknowledge the following safety tips as you traverse the roadways.

  1. Proceed with caution when approaching a Caretaker at work
  2. Honk horn/flash headlights to alert the Caretaker of your presence
  3. Obey any signs placed for your safety
  4. Look out for cones that indicate work in progress
  5. Avoid packing vehicles in areas where work has been assigned

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    • @Kill Bill, there is STEP and there is the Caretakers Programme. STEP involves several individuals (as a group) who clears most times the huge or over grown vegetation and tree overhangs using cutlasses for about 2 weeks or a month, in certain areas along the roadsides in the respective constituencies. On the other hand, the Caretakers Programme involves individuals (at times he/she may be assisted by 1 or 2 helpers) who clears, as mentioned in the article, vegetation (using weed eaters), tree overhangs (using cutlasses) and drainage cleaning over a 4 month period; along the roadsides in the respective constituencies. Each caretaker is responsible for a certain distance along the roadsides, whereas, the STEP groups simply clears certain selected areas along the roadsides. In addition, the Caretakers Programme cleans the roadsides of the entire main road network around the island, as well as, in the respective constituencies unlike STEP. Some secondary roads in the respective constituency are clean/cleared as well during the Caretakers Programme. The Ministry Social Transformation, Local Government and Community Empowerment is responsible for both the STEP and Caretakers Programme. However, STEP is coordinated by SSDF and the Caretakers Programme is coordinated by the Local Government Department through the respective Constituency Councils.
      Kill Bill hope that clears the air... I wonder now who is spreading "propaganda"... hmmmmm... is it "Labour" or "YOU". On that note you should have done your researched before making such a comment or rather ask since you were ignorant of the facts... see what happens when you assume... well same goes to the 3 "LIKES".


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