Car recovered after plunging into Castries Harbor

Car recovered after plunging into Castries Harbor


Divers recovered a vehicle Sunday afternoon that had plunged into the Castries Harbor.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) was told by one of the divers, former Police Press Officer Maryanna Leonce, that no one was found in the red Honda vehicle.

Reports are that the vehicle plunged into the harbor early Saturday morning.

It is not clear how it ended up there.

No further details available.










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  1. At the end of the day the authorities should do all that they can to prevent cars going into this highly travelled area and that's means putting up barries


  2. What makes you think that crash barriers will prevent unoccupied cars from plunging into the Castries wharf, all by themselves? Huh? Unoccupied cars are usually suicidal you know!


  3. When will we have crash barriers/guard rails along the John Compton Highway and Castries Waterfront to prevent cars from plunging into the wharf?


    • i guess is when one of the minister's of prime minister,, or governor,, or one in very high outhorities,, plunge there, then they think of putting barriers in that area


    • When will people learn how to drive properly?

      Crash barriers can only go far in protecting the stupid from themselves.

      While you have this brilliant idea, maybe you can start a fund-raising campaign to do the same for the West Coast Highway. And the Bar de l'isle. And much of the East Coast Highway.


      • Hey Calvin aka baboon.

        Even experienced expert drivers make mistakes.... We are human and even you may end up in this harbour.

        The fact is that the carriage way in front of the govt buildings is hazardous as there is a high likelihood that any motorist may plunge into the filth.


        • I like you, you're funny. As a baboon and hence an elder that's pre-descended you regarding knowledge and experience with my fellow tribe that have survived the evolution, I will share the following.

          The facts of the matter as reported in the media are as follows:

          --- The occurrence took place arly on a Saturday morning;
          --- The driver left the scene of the scene.
          --- It was a single vehicle occurrence.

          It has not been reported whether the tags on the car came back as it being stolen, which it may or may not have been. It was also not reported whether the locked had been popped or any signs of forcible entry. And, given where it happened, day or night there would have been witnesses.

          Why didn't the driver and/or passengers remain at the scene? If injured, why not get a ride or ambulance to the hospital?

          Hence, based on the information to date made publicly available, there is a very strong hint that one of the following took place:
          --- Vehicle was either being driven by the owner or a friend or 'borrowed' by a friend or family member, the driver was impaired. They fled the scene to lie on the down low until they could sober up, else even if testing positive for an exceedance in BAC after the fact use the court-proven defense that the accident stressed them so much that they paniced and ran home and belted a couple to calm their nerves, a conviction of leaving-the-scene being less than a charge of impaired driving;
          --- Vehicle was boosted and out for a joy ride, the driver lost control and abandoned the vehicle. Thieves are smart, they drive withthe windows open just in case anything happens, now electric windows to delay rolling down or be de-activated by whatever crash related trauma be it terrestial or marine;
          --- Vehicle was being driven either by the owner or someone known to the owner or stolen, was street racing or showboating solo and lost control. There might or might not have been a second veicle involved. If there was a second vehicle involved, they had no reason to leave the cene unless there was something unlawful involved. It would have been beneficial from a crash investigation standpoint if any of the published pictures had showed the pattern of skid marks, which, based on the vehicle would have beeen a good tell as to what happened.
          --- Rightly or wrongly, one must always look at the make and model of the vehicle involved based on statistics.

          All considered, there is most likely a 90% chance that either one, or a combination of speed and alcohol was involved. There's no excuse for either. If you want to drink, et a ride home with a friend or sleep over. if you want to tear-a55 around at speed, that's what the old runway behind VF is for.

          Would love to chat more, but my fellow baboons are calling, something about about jumping into a Baboon Motor Wagon to get some bananas down the road.


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