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Car and motorcycle collide in Balata

By SNO Staff

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A motorcyclist sustained injuries after a collision with a motor car in Balata, Castries this morning.

The accident occurred at about 9 a.m. The motorcycle made contact with a white Mitsubishi Lancer (registration number PD47).

The accident occurred near the location of yesterday’s SDA church fire.


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  2. People real chat shit, why must u deserve to get injured because you ride a motorcycle
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  3. its always da riders huh never da car driver smh sum ppl uh

  4. i honestly dont feel sorry for anyone who gets injured on a motorcycle. in all honesty they deserve it.

  5. Be safe. Drivers don't drink and drive. Enjoy know your limits.
    My fellow country men know how to settle you'll differences by talking it out or walk away peaceful
    I pray for peace for my people.

  6. Happy New Year to all my fellow St. Lucians. May God grace and mercy be with the entire nation in 2015.
    Respect to my families in Odsan Bexon,
    Merrick thanks for keeping us inform of what's going on in St.Lucia great job guys Best Wishes for 2015. Peace to all Lucians.

  7. Car looks like its not on its side. huh!!

  8. Havent we realised that to the riders the motorcycle have the feelings and not the human ride n it----good for them----if ull care nothing for ulself well the road is awaiting them

  9. always the rider not mindin his business,reckless

  10. Speed must have been a factor considering the damage done to the car on impact.

  11. dammmm!! hope the rider safe though...

  12. One wasn't minding their business.


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