Cannelles community installs bin on Anse beach to help with garbage issue

Cannelles community installs bin on Anse beach to help with garbage issue

bin2PRESS RELEASE – The community of Canelles, Micoud, last weekend installed a rubbish bin on the beach at Anse Ger.

Different families are involved in this project: one family sponsored the bin, another bought the chain and padlock, another provided the paint and rubbish bags, Saint Lucian artist Oli Wallace volunteered to decorate the bin, and yet another community member will recollect weekly the rubbish. Around Christmas, the community intents to give a bin party on the beach and hopes with this project to inspire other communities on the island.


To all Saint Lucians: the community of Canelles welcomes you wholeheartedly to Anse Ger beach but would like to ask you kindly to help keep Saint Lucia’s beaches cleaner!

Just bin it!



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  1. now thats what you call taking the iniative... doing something ... we can all go the step further start recycling organics and food and less use of plastics ... come up with ideas to improve the area and preserve it for the next generation..


  2. If you can carry your goodies to the beach with you which will in turn become rubbish you can carry it back home with for proper disposal.
    St. Lucians have to be severely disciplined about their nastiness.
    Its a good gesture but for the life of me as I said go back home with your rubbish you created.


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