Cannabis Movement presents policy paper to government of Saint Lucia

Cannabis Movement presents policy paper to government of Saint Lucia

(SNO) –– The Cannabis Movement in Saint Lucia has presented a policy paper to the government on the regulated future of the now-illegal herb on the island.

In a letter to the cabinet secretary, the Movement said the paper is a compilation of the CARICOM Cannabis Report and a nine-day PEMANDU Lab, which was held in December 2018 with inputs from representatives of Rastafarian religious leaders, cannabis growers, the medical fraternity, cannabis brokers and vendors, and cannabis consumers.

“Similar to the Government thrust to expand public/private partnerships, The CANNABIS Movement offers to use its expertise in bringing a legalized, regulated regime to Saint Lucia,” the letter said. “We are confident that if Government entrusts us with coordinating the national operation of a regulated regime, the $40 million XCD in tax and fee revenue projected by the PEMANDU exercise will be realized for the GoSL with very little effort or expense on their part.”

The 28-page policy paper is entitled “A roadmap to regulating the cannabis market in Saint Lucia”.

It covers a wide range of subjects including negative assumptions on cannabis, considerations for children and youth, the use of the herb in religions practices, the medical and scientific context of cannabis, the economic basis for cannabis law reform, among others.

“The purpose of this white paper is to propose a regulatory framework for the sacramental, medicinal, personal, industrial and commercial use of cannabis in Saint Lucia,” a section of the paper reads. “This information in this paper is based on, consultations of the Saint Lucia Cannabis Movement with various stakeholders, the published findings of the CARICOM Cannabis Commission and the outcome of the PEMANDU Saint Lucia Social and Economic Lab output on Agriculture and specifically drawing on the sub-area: Cannabis Reform – Syndication Session 6 December 201.”

The Cannabis Movement has been at the forefront of calling for legal changes regarding cannabis on the island.

It has already met with the government, the opposition, and has appealed to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to make a public statement on the intentions of his administration regarding cannabis law reform.


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