Candle light vigil to be held for little Milan

Candle light vigil to be held for little Milan


A candle light vigil is being organised for four-year-old Milan Ferdinand who died on Friday, October 9, as a result of severe brain damage and head injury due to blunt-force trauma while in his father and step-mother’s care.

A Facebook page dubbed “Justice for Milan” said the vigil will be held on Friday, October 16 from 6:00 p.m. It will start at the Richfond Gap and end at the Grande Ravine Bridge.

“Come one come all and walk. In the light of God’s grace that Milan’s death won’t be in vain,” a message posted on the page and carrying the hash tag #‎justiceformilan read.

The vigil is reportedly being done by relatives and mother of the deceased child.

Milan’s mother has said she wants justice for her son.


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  1. It is always after the fact, It is always after the situation is irreversible. I will never understand why grown ass people don't take responsibility for their actions. Why in the world a mother gives her child away? I can go on and on and on about the death of the little boy, At the end of the day, it is the mother who is to blame for the boy's death even if she wasn't the one who directly killed him. Too many times people blame other factors for stuff that impacted their lives, when they totally neglected their responsibility,,,,,
    It is high time we take responsibility for our lives and do things to prevent such tragedies, because no amount of candle lights will bring him back, Stop wasting time doing insignificant nonsense !


  2. couldnt agree more with cherry and Ma maylay... the people who were supposed to protect this precious soul all Failed him!!! Mother father grandmother, yo tout!!!!


  3. To the Family, I will be there in spirit. I lit a candle in Milan's memory, to light up your path for spiritual journey and challenges ahead.

    I wish you all a safe and peaceful walk.

    Remember, three in the right spirit is a formidable crowd; one more in the right faith is a multitude.


  4. Lets see how many of u lucians will come out to walk for Millan. Instead of sitting infront of the computer typing- come out to show support for the family as well as demanding justice for Millan.


  5. I support this effort but I just find it too late. If it is so true relative and the mother is planning this had u all walked earlier and come out earlier he would not be dead. No excess we just have to be responsible for our actions and find peace.


  6. Only now the relatives rallying in support of the mother? Where was that support network when social services had to intervene, because the mother could not provide a stable environment for that same child! Why didn't they support her then; I am sure if there was that outpouring of support then, there would have been no need for social services to intervene. ALLLLLLLLL parties who had a duty of care to lil Millan are guilty of causing his death. Don't try and pass the buck; if the mother was a responsible adult her child would have been with HER! Every last one of yall are to blame, mother, father, stepmother and all yall relatives who are now holding candle light vigil.


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