CANARI’s message of solidarity and key directions for recovery and resilience

CANARI’s message of solidarity and key directions for recovery and resilience

(PRESS RELEASE) – The emergence of Covid-19 has underscored the interconnectivity and mutually affective relationship between people and nature, and the importance of collaboration across society to address critical issues that affect so many aspects of our sustainable development.

It is a keen reminder of the importance of the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute’s (CANARI’s) work promoting and facilitating stewardship of natural resources and sustainable livelihoods in the Caribbean and especially supporting those who are most vulnerable.

CANARI is collaborating with others to input on the process and direction that we need to take moving forward, advocating the following:

Rethinking, reimagining and reforming are needed to address the fundamental structural and policy issues in development models that cause and exacerbate the social and economic vulnerabilities to pandemics and other risks.

New institutions that are people-centred, fair and inclusive must be created.

We must collectively shape and undertake a long-term social and economic recovery programme that: provides economic opportunities and spreads economic benefits; protects natural capital; operates within environmental limits and is low carbon; and enhances social, ecological and economic resilience. Our development pathway must recognise the complexity and inter-connectedness across social, economic and ecological systems.

A rights-based approach that focuses on leaving no one behind must be taken. Strategies for recovery and resilience must address the deepening and emerging inequalities in terms of financial security of various groups (including rural communities) due to Covid-19 pandemic measures. Security and well-being for all must be ensured.

A one-size-fits-all approach will not address the needs of the most vulnerable. Approaches must be tailored to special circumstances, needs and vulnerabilities of the most vulnerable and marginalised subpopulations.

We must go beyond recovery to building resilience, not only to pandemics, but to other social, economic and environmental stresses and shocks, including those from climate change.

A whole of society approach is required that leverages and builds meaningful partnerships and effective engagement mechanisms. Building participatory and interactive governance systems must be at the core of our response.

CANARI and all our staff, Board, Associates and Advisors stand in solidarity with the Caribbean region in the fight against Covid-19 and commit to working with you for our collective recovery and resilience.

As we all do our part to respond to and recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and face the challenges in the months ahead, CANARI remains fully committed to delivery of our projects and has put the necessary adaptive measures in place.

CANARI is fully operational and staff can be reached via their respective email or Skype during normal working hours. If a matter requires urgent attention, you may call CANARI’s Administrative Officer at (1-868-782-1520).


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