Canaries kids to benefit from free nutritional meal

Canaries kids to benefit from free nutritional meal

PRESS RELEASE – Boka Group, the owners of The Belvedere Plantation and Mahaut Estate at Belvedere, a few miles from Canaries, have just initiated the first part of their Corporate Social Responsibility Program on the 1st October 2014, their Food for Thought initiative.

The program, in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, is aimed at ensuring maximum school attendance bymaking sure studentsin all three local schools, in both Canaries and Bouton receive completely free meals at lunch time.

Boka are fully funding the daily parent contribution towards the kids’ meals, meaning children no longer have to make any payments for lunch.

A spokesman for Boka Group said: “Belvedere Plantation will soon become one of the employment and economic enginesfor the area of Anse-La-Raye, Canaries and Soufrière, it will provide jobs and opportunity and a future for these communities.

“We recognise that these communities have been hard-pressed for many years and as a first step we will fund all parent contributions towards children’s meals in Bouton Combined, Canaries Infant and Canaries Primary schools. No child will pay to eat and every child will be nourished.”

The Group decided to cancel a planned party to celebrate the purchase of Belvedere Plantation and instead use the money that would have been spent in just one evening, to pay for school meals for all 284 children for a whole year.

According to the BOKA representative “Everyone should benefit from what we are doing and Belvedere Plantation needs to be part of the community. This is not just about giving kids a meal, it is about providing opportunity, well fed children concentrate better and that helps them learn.”

“This is the key to success and future prospects, so it is money well spent. We know from people we have talked to that the cost of parents meal contributions caused some children to miss out on school altogether. The Children themselves told us “you miss school – you miss out”, it says it on the wall at Canaries Infant School and we agree with them”.


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  1. Wow this is a great initiative by the Boka Group- I hope that it is genuine and will not be used for some other intention that you may have. To the schools and members of the public who will benefit from this - appreciation as it is no longer common to see companies/groups honor their corporate social responsibility to the citizens of St. Lucia.


    • i was going to like your comment until... "I hope that it is genuine and will not be used for some other intention that you may have"

      what's your reason for saying that?



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