Canadian tourist robbed at gunpoint by masked bandit

By SNO Staff

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A first-time visitor to the island was robbed by a masked bandit at Vieux Fort.

The Canadian man was held up at gunpoint at a beach close to the Vieux Fort Police Station.

The incident is reported to have occurred on Tuesday (Feb.16) at about 11 a.m.

The armed bandit took the man’s wallet and a bag which contained his credit cards and gadgets.

He described the incident as “scary” and said he has cut short his trip due to the incident.


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  1. This is becoming a nu sense. I now have french visitors who refuse to come back to our shores because of these crimes. they are travelling elsewhere. This has to stop and now.

  2. Peter never come back

    All tourists should stop going to this evil place

  3. Are the Police still patrolling Sandy Beach?

    Selected beaches should be patrolled, and tourists notified of those more secure beaches.

    Sad indeed.

  4. wen all de tourists dem run away what dem ah go do .......

  5. What an "IMPACT"

  6. You all can kiss the tourist industry good bye.

  7. This happens in many countries. There are too many people in St. Lucia under- and unemployed. The unemployment will increase as tourist spend less due to the world crisis.
    All islands are suffering due to huge competition. Cuba will suck many American tourists.

  8. Bringing down the island even more. If they robbed the man near a police station, where are people safe

  9. Lorne you have a lot of work to do, cause you can't sugar coat this anymore mentioning that other countries in the tourism industry goes through this same plight. No more you worthless glorified assistant. You need to resign ASAP.

  10. where are the so call beach patrols

  11. i thought they had beach patrol in that area where were they at that time .so useless in st lucia not a joke

  12. Dear My People,
    I have the answer to this crime wave and I wish to state it is going to be a very expensive program. If there is anyone that have a problem with it then please do not blame the Police and Government.

    1) All Police Officers on vacation must be recall ASAP.
    2) All Special Constables must work 10 hours a day.
    3) The immediate rental of about 40 to 60 cars from rental companies on Island for extra transportation.
    4) Deploy Officer on all Main roads, that is to say from Gros Islet to Castries, From Cul De Sac to VFort, from Cul De Sac to Soufriere, from VFort to Soufriere. All the back roads must be covered also, From Babonneau to Gros Islet, From Babonneau thru Ti Rocher to Bexon.
    5) All the hot spots in Castries must be man 24 hours a day with patrol cars and officer on foot.
    6) Anyone caught committing the smallest of crime must be book.

  13. Tourism in this country is already world concerning for us. I do tell the visitors oversees a lot about St.lucia. For example to be on their guards with this overcharging or pricing you in this country. We are only looking at streets robbery but there are merchant robbery like greedy car rentals robbing the tourist too.

  14. The blame for that incident should square on the shoulders of Kenny .D. Anthony.

    • Sledge Hammer, with that comment you have smashed the nut! These thugs' lawlessness and criminality is not the result of unemployment. It is the result of envy and greed! There are many unemployed people who will not stoop to criminality!

    • VFortians are good people. 1 of such crime is too many. We have nothing in Vfort. Thanks to the PM and Vfort district Rep. No Jobs in VFort for the 20 years of his reign. So let us not shoot ourselves in the foot. Let us try to do with what we have, how little it is, until we get rid of Kenny.

  15. Soon there will not be any tourists visiting St Lucia

  16. messay you mean that is how mate got welcomed to saint lucia for the first time as a visitor , what a shame

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