Canadian recruiters to attend college fair

Canadian recruiters to attend college fair
A UWI college fair
A UWI college fair

A delegation of recruiters from Canadian higher education institutions will be present at the 2013 St. Lucia International College Fair.

The High Commission of Canada will also have a representative present to provide information on studying in Canada.

Students will be able to access information about specific programmes available and Canadian scholarship opportunities.

Approximately 12,060 international students from the Caribbean and Central America enrol in Canadian schools each year. There are more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programmes as well as professional degree programs and certificates available in Canada.

Whether students from St. Lucia are interested in pursuing international studies in traditional fields or in innovative, new economy, post-secondary programmes, Canada is listed as the affordable and student friendly world-class destination.

Prospective students can also find information on studying in Canada by visiting:

The St. Lucia International College Fair will take place at the Baywalk Mall in Rodney Bay on October 31.


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  1. Canada has no jobs,apart from skilled trades.Don't be fooled,these colleges & universities just want money,All the jobs are taken & if you don't believe me
    Just try for yourself when you don't get any work & have to pay back that loan.Someone said when they get a job citizenship is easy(where have you been?) The rules have changed sweety,Canadians first,they only want the best of the best.Those ppl have a better chance of getting married & pay that loan back with their new spouse...Don't believe me? try your luck.


  2. St Lucia needs a university or should try to accord one of its institutions of higher learning university status.

    Why should St Lucians have to rely on Colonial Canadians to educate us? A country that does not even have its own head of state is incapable of lecturing us on anything.

    Almost every independent country in the world has colleges of higher learning. Why not St Lucia? We are still in the colonial time warp and to add further to our insult we have Colonials peddling their rhetoric to us without mercy.We can do better than that folks.
    This is the Canada which less than two years ago hastily imposed a visa regime on our nationals without second glance. Now these very people are in our lovely isle selling us their claptrap. Why should St Lucian bother with these people?
    Canadians can travel to St Lucia without any hindrance whatsoever yet its not possible the other way round. The travel arrangements are lopsided and this needs to stop. Lucians can go anywhere else in the Caribbean to study in the meantime St Lucia does not have a university.

    We don't need colonial dunderheads marketing us anything - least education.A country whose head of state is the Queen yet the Queen hardly goes there.They use the royal insignia yet the royal family does not live there.They brag about the British royals which don't give a monkey's about them. How weird? Why do we need these dozy characters near any of our sapient students? St Lucia wake up and smell the coffee.It can be done in St Lucia.
    University Of St Lucia we await. Over to you Education Secretary.

    Malcolm L'Overture


    • Why should St Lucians have to rely on Colonial Canadians to educate us?

      So why has Saint Lucia depended on the Yanks for so many decades? We have way more things in common with Canada than America, all our institutions are similar to Canada's, we have a common please stop your hatred. The Yanks are dysfunctional, their government is out of whack and they're more racist.


      • It's not about the Yanks mate. We might as well be educated by the British who are the original players in all this. Canada is still technically a colony of the UK. They act and behave like colonials.They don't even have their own head of state and that should say something about them.

        Their education system was copied from the British.Your characterization of the American education system is unfounded. They have produced many outstanding individuals in the fields of science, medicine and the arts.Only this year for the first time ever did Canada produced a Nobel prize winner - in Literature.

        I am not basing my facts on anything except just that - facts. A country without it's own head of state should not try to impose it educational will on another. Britain is original and if anything we should go the British way. Why go for bacon when you can have juicy steak?

        Canada like the other dominions in the commonwealth have become laughing stocks. At least the Americans fought for their independence and have their own head of state - the president.I would rather take lectures from the US and Britain anytime as opposed to colonial Canadians who are still being told what to do by the Brits.I would rather deal with the first and genuine form of something that something that is copied.

        Canadian culture society and education is derived from something else - it's not fresh and new. We need a cultural revolution in St Lucia if we are to step in line with the 21st century. Stop depending on others to do for us what we can do for ourselves. St Lucia is quite capable of having it's own universities. Let us work towards this. You can do it St Lucia: Yes you can.

        Malcolm L'Overture
        Haitian- Lucian


  3. I would advise anybody looking for a higher education to study in Canada. Although it may seem expensive initially (still comparable to the US) it pays off in the long run because the Canadian government would prefer it if you stayed and worked once you are done school, unlike the US. Once you find a job, the process to becoming a permanent resident and eventually a citizen becomes easy. Also, Canada allows dual citizenship so you don't have to worry about getting rid of your CARICOM passport.


  4. How wonderful!! I hope there is a large turnout for the college fair. Education is so important for the future of St. Lucia's youth.


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