Canadian police release suspect description in St. Lucian man’s killing (video included)

Canadian police release suspect description in St. Lucian man’s killing (video included)
Andrew Surage is originally from St. Lucia
Andrew Surage is originally from St. Lucia

CBC NEWS – Toronto police have released new details about a suspect in the shooting death of a 47-year-old man.

Andrew Surage of Toronto, a father of five, was shot Oct. 5 outside an unlicensed after-hours club in the Weston Road and Rogers Road area.

Man shot dead during robbery in Toronto

Police say he was shot after he came to the aid of a friend who was being robbed.

Surage died of a gunshot wound to his chest.

Police describe the suspect as a non-white male with light skin between five feet, 10 inches and six feet tall, with a muscular build and black curly hair.

Police say surveillance video shows the suspect was in the company of three others.

“All three of these people are considered persons of interest,” said Det.-Sgt. Graham Gibson.

All four arrived at the scene in the same vehicle, he said Thursday. At least one of them had witnessed the robbery of Surage’s friend, Gibson added.

Surage came to Canada from St. Lucia many years ago. Police are appealing to witnesses and the persons of interest to come forward and assist in the investigation.


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  1. Canadian police dont care if the suspects are black or white. they will find the suspect. good thing the victim was not white. black poeple only use thier skin as excuse.its not about black or white. many canadian police are black.


  2. I called it.. I said this 2 weeks ago.. Canada must must shift this on "Black" people and somehow show "White" people as innocent. Notice how the police officer produced the information. Rather than focus on the guy who did the shooting, he first had to mention that the shooter was with/in the company of "BLACK" people who are now wanted. Thennn, and onlt then did he mention the suspect and was verryyy careful to mention "NON White". He just had to show the public the good ole "Black" is bad, "White" is good. Ofcourse most of you didn't cannot grasp or see this and will now try to act all intellectual and mordern/civilized AND SAY iM LOOKING TOO MUCH INTO THINGS AND SEEING STUFF THATS NOT THERE..


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