Father, two sons from Canada convicted after being caught with cocaine at Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort

Father, two sons from Canada convicted after being caught with cocaine at Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort

PRESS RELEASE – On Sunday, November 9, 2014, officers attached to the Drug  Unit of the Southern Division received a report and as a result proceeded to the Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort.

On arrival, they met with an officer attached to the Customs and Excise Department who gave them certain information and introduced them to three males suspected to be in possession of illegal substances.

They are 43-year-old Anthony Clive Whittey, 19-year-old Chevon Raheem Riley and 23-year-old Jamall Anthony Whittey, a father and sons trio, all of whom are Canadian Nationals.

The suspects were attempting to board flight number 2627 on board West Jet to Toronto, Canada.  During individual searches of their person, the officers observed them wearing modified girdles.

A closer examination of the girdles revealed packages containing what is suspected to be cocaine.

As a result, all three Canadian Nationals were arrested and charged for possession of a controlled drug and possession with the intent to export a controlled drug.

They all appeared before the Second District Court in Vieux Fort on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 where they each pleaded guilty on both charges.

Anthony Clive Whittey was sentenced to one year imprisonment for possession of a controlled drug and one year imprisonment for possession with the intent to export a controlled drug.

The sentences are to be served consecutively.

Jamall Anthony Whittey was fined $25,000.00 on the charge of possession and $10,000.00 on the charge of possession with the intent to export whereas Chevon Raheem Riley was fined $15,000.00 on the charge of possession and $5,000.00 on the charge of possession with the intent to export.

They were each given six months to pay whilst in custody or in default eighteen months in prison.


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  1. Seriously thou didn't we just had an incident like that. Ur lives are ruined, how can a father drag his sons to the dirt with him. Well all I have to say is good luck u all knew the consequences.


  2. The police in St Lucia need to do more to stop the flow of coke into the country. How about doing random raids on suspected crack and cocaine houses in the various towns and villages? I mean the police should know who is selling the narcotics. Get to the sellers and then you will eventually get to the main suppliers and sources...
    Coke is destroying the lives of a lot of people in this country. Something has to be done about it.
    If the police isn't doing anything about it then we the people need to do something by naming and shaming the coke dealers... Let us take our country back from these nasty people.


  3. The question that begs being asked is :Why don't the local customs dept. do the same to the young St Lucians who are leaving the island with nose candy? These people that got done this week are Canadians. Had they gone through with the candy they may well have been caught in their native country. They would have been duly sentenced and the chapter closed. They would not risked being deported and thereby giving their country of origin a -bad name.

    It's been previously reported that young people are leaving St Lucia with 'candy' to travel to the UK. The local authorities then alert UK customs who then arrest these individuals who are eventually tried and convicted - they get banged up for a few years after which they are sent home with a criminal record.Do these officials really care about St Lucia's reputation abroad? I do not think they do because if they did then they would stop these carriers from boarding the plane.

    If you suspect people are going to carry drugs overseas you should make it your duty to take them in immediately. These folks are not only bringing shame to themselves and family but to the country as a whole. St Lucia can do without this especially in this economic climate. We DO NOT want the British to start looking for excuses to impose a visa regime and for the sensational UK press to start referring to our lovely isle as a place infested with drugs...No Sir! This is something that we can do without in the splendid Caribbean.

    We do not want an Amsterdam in our sunshine states. The Dutch city where drugs can be bought freely without hassle. We want people to visit our shores to bask in the sun, visit our volcanoes, our pitons,enjoy our lovely food, bathe in our waters, do a bit of bird watching and engage our locals in conversations. Don't think coffee shop (weed shop) is the way to go.

    I think we need to start debating about drugs in the Caribbean. Some drugs should be made legal. Why is tobacco and alcohol legal while weed is not? We need to look into this. Just this week a report concluded that cannabais contains properties that can starve and destroy tumors. Hopefully in time this will lead to a cure for cancer. Weed should be made legal for medicinal purposes. If it can be proven that it can cure many ailments and diseases then the green light ought to be given for it's use.

    Will these Canadians be deported after doing their time? Who will take care of the air fares back to Canada? If this was the other way round the colonial Canadians would be rattling on about our people bringing nose candy into their country. They are big and powerful while we are small and insignificant. St Lucia does not have the will to impose visa restrictions on their citizens - Yet they can do to us. Some will argue it's because of the benefits of Canadian tourism.

    But who are the ones benefitting from tourism? Most of the hotels are owned by Foreigners who don't give a toss about St Lucia and St Lucians. Then there is this small matter of all inclusives where most of the money remains onshore instead of offshore where we are. It's a no-win situation and we simply cannot compete.

    These Canadian tourists may want to serve out their time in their country or then again they may appeal their conviction and have it quashed only for them to go free and to put two fingers up at our judicial system. They will feel vindicated and may come back to do the same thing again. This lopsided arrangement needs to be looked into again.

    There are endless St Lucians who travel to Canada to work to help support their tax system.The same way the tourist are coming to spend their pittances on our shores is the same way Lucians and other Caribbeans are helping to shore up their economy with the taxes that they pay. Without overseas workers the economies and service industries of countries like Britain, Canada, and the US would crumble. The natives of these countries are indolent and work shy.

    My Parents and many thousands more came to help rebuild Britain. Their contribution was pivotal and paramount in helping the UK to stand on it's feet again. Britain owes the Caribbean immensely and can never fully compensate us for all what we have done for her.

    I am imploring the customs department in St Lucia to apprehend the young men and women who are found with drugs in the first instance on the airport - Arrest and charge them before they board that plane.. This will deter others and will help save our country's reputation from being dragged through the mud of Westminster.


  4. How many of you fagz have been to bordelais cuz I spent 5yrz and never saw this take place.stop pretending like when ppl go to prison they turn gay.if that's you,then not e every convice is like you...


  5. Someone made a comment "less drugs in the country". Do they even realise what they are saying. If you stop a shipment from going out how can you have less in the country. Sir/Mam try going back to school to do maths. Cocaine is a marked comodity since we do not produce it here. It was just arrested so that transporters are switched.


  6. Cocaine was once again on its way OUT of the country. What are we going to do now that it stayed here? I guess it is our problem now to watch it and keep it away from lawmen, prisoners and the general public alike. When will we learn to leave cocaine alone and let the white man police his own dust of pleasure. It takes too much of our resources to police something which is not our problem and beyond our control. Let these big countries go to South America with their armies. They went into Panama for the General. Pretty soon they will want enter our country to arrest us though it has happened before in the case of Dudas Coke. Why they not arresting those in South America who produce it? We don't have not one coca tree here. LET COCAINE GO ON ITS BUSINESS.


  7. I don't know what is wrong with human beings, they don't learn from the wrong other people do, I think GOD should have put animals in charge of the world instead. With all the education and knowledge humans have they are still stupid. No matter what country you from it happens everywhere. The bad thing is the father mess up his sons' lives for good.


  8. Why is no quantity of cocaine cited? This is a drop in the bucket for the coke that transits the country. People like this are small frys, the local kingpins never get busted .


  9. Wadlo u are an idiot...u nonsensical old fart. I live in Canada shut you stupid face. If it was a Lucian who got caught u would have a whole lot of crap to say. Hell yes all Canadians should get a visa to St Lucia. Stupid ppl. You ppl too damm racist.


  10. @away, I'm Canadian and I think it's best if they spend their prison sentence in St.Lucia. It's minus 16 today and this Winter will be another brutal one. I'm sure they will prefer it there, but come on, you Lucians should open a Tim Hortons at Bordelais, this is ridiculous!


  11. Where are these drugs coming from? GREAT JOB to all who stopped them. No matter what nationality, or what country, just stop them. GREAT JOB.


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