Canadian man robbed, beaten by bandits in Castries (see video)

Canadian man robbed, beaten by bandits in Castries (see video)
The bandits (white t-shirt and blue jeans) and (black t-shirt and red bag) are seen assaulting the man on the ground and pulling on his haversack.
The bandits (white t-shirt and blue jeans) and (black t-shirt and red bag) are seen assaulting the man on the ground and pulling on his haversack.

A Canadian man was robbed of his personal belongings early this morning by two bandits on Water Works Road, Castries, close to the Ideal Guest House and Ideal Bakery.

The foreigner who is said to be in his 40’s was attacked at around 7:00 a.m.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that the man was dragged and assaulted by two bandits, who demanded his cash and other valuables.

The bandits managed to rob the foreigner of his gold chain and a cellular phone, among other items. They did not manage to get his bag.

A source told SNO that the man arrived in Saint Lucia last night and was expected to stay here for an unspecified period.

“One of the guys at the bakery was able to go after one of the bandits in the river at the side of the business and give him one or two blows to the body. So definitely one of them got hurt,” the source said.

However, it is alleged that at least two other men from Grass Street came out with weapons and attacked the employee from the bakery, who was holding one of the bandits captive. The employee eventually released the alleged bandit and the men all escaped.

SNO was able to acquire a video footage from the business, showing the man being robbed and assaulted.

An official report has been lodged with the police.

An investigation has been launched into this matter.


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  1. Oh dear! My people, I have decided to give lessons in : grammar and spelling; complex sentence construction;high level of vocabulary; noun phrases; adverbial phrases and embedded clause. Free lessons for all ghetto youths, police, civil servants and even those who say 'it's not my role.' Do my fellow Lucians want to write with quality? Rhetorical question.
    Step 1- Please read over before you post your comments.


    • What lessons can you offer to anyone when you can't even spell your name correctly? The word is international and not internationa.

      "Oh dear! My people, I have decided to give lessons in : grammar and spelling; complex sentence construction;high level of vocabulary; noun phrases; adverbial phrases and embedded clause."

      Looks like your sentence above was copied from somewhere and wasn't put together in a coherent manner. You have turned out to be such a cocky individual. Who are you to give people lectures about grammar spelling and punctuation? You behave like you invented the English language. Not even the English in England speak and wrote English correctly.

      The English language is an international language which belongs to everybody.It is written and spoken differently from country to country. The folks in this forum are expressing themselves accordingly. The parlance used is a style of artistic expression characteristic of one's common narrative. It's a specialized vocabulary used by a group of people. It's jargon and argot - Colloquial and idiomatic. Please get off your high horse and make a meaningful contribution instead of you having a go at the way people express themselves.

      Like Alexander O'Neal would say ' All you do is criticize' -
      Step 1 - You should have read your drivel before you posted it.

      Perhaps you need to look closer to home first old chap.


  2. I hope the camera will catch that thug for what he has done sometimes they act like they are making a movie shame on you


  3. to cock san pwel statment i know it is fredom of speach, He may have been in the wrong place but guest what things like that, that keeps us in the situations we are in now. How would you feel if it was you on vacation in Canada and this same situation occur to you would you be looking for the police or beg for some one to come at your aid. You wonder why our little island is in such turmoil.


    • If I was in Canada or any other country I would be on my guard at all times to ensure that something like this does not happen to me. First to begin with I would not go venturing off into areas that I do not know or that is dodgy. Should I venture into shady areas that I have been warned about then I am doing this at my own risk. I will have no one to blame but myself. What was the tourist doing in that area? Most of these visitors who come to our country are pretty smart and know everything about St Lucia. They know all the areas and will even tell you about them. So we must not be fooled by this Canadian and his antics. He knew why he was going to that place. Of course he knew.

      The only reason why this bakery worker got involved was because the man was foreign(white) and he wanted to be seen to be doing something. Suppose he was mortally wounded then what. Do you think the tourist would give a toss? I doubt it. His family would be the ones left to pick up the pieces. The bakery would have said he had no right to leave his work and go confront muggers.

      Lucians are so quick to jump to defend others and when it's happening to their own they don't really care.Sometime ago Charles Cochon(pig)was being chopped up by gangsters in full view of the public and not one person saw fit to call the police to stop the brutality and brute force that was being unleashed on Charles in Conway.

      Charles was no angel but he did not deserve to be cutlassed like this. The sad part is people saw what transpired and did nothing about it.There are many other incidents where the victims needed help and no one was willing to help them. I will not take lectures from hypocrites like you lot with the lynch mob mentality. You are the ones who go all out to help Johnny foreigner while when a local person is being attacked you go the other way.
      I stand by ever word I wrote previously on this subject.
      Once more I will repeat if you see people being attacked please do the honourable thing and call the police. Let the police handle the situation. If you have to get involved use reasonable force before the police arrives... DO NOT TAKE THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS...Leave it to the police as they are the only ones charged with maintaining law and order.


      • You seem to be a very angry sad individual who was either breastfeed for too long or not enough! God speed with your black and white mentality.


  4. If was grave yatd they dun come out with all the biggg guns showing off.. cuz they have they vendetta against dem... but loookkk tourist it on cam thry dragggg the man poor jab.. goo look for dem nowww. Smhh n the men in the backery be very care urll help but we all know eatch urll back....


  5. i am so disgusted by sum of the comments i am reading...this shows me that not only those bandits are useless but also those uttering the comments...nuthing gives those good for nuthing criminals the rite to rob anyone....nonsense....dont worry wat goes around will come around and sooner or ltr u are the ones who will face a criminals hand....if u work hard for ur valuables no one has a rite to steal it from u....instead of saying that those theives have no choice i can tell u that there r small jobs at there but they refuse to get one cus they r bent on getting it the easier way....those comments not only describes them but u too...u useless peice of shits......