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Canadian Government offering schorlarships to Saint Lucians

By Ministry of Education

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PRESS RELEASE – The Canadian Government is offering scholarships to Francophonie member states. Candidates desirous of pursuing studies at universities in Canada, commencing the academic year September 2015 are urged to apply.

Scholarships will be awarded at the following levels:

-Doctoral level scholarships (four years full-time)

-Post doctoral studies (not exceeding a period of 10 months)

-Masters Degrees (two years full-time)

-Technical and professional training scholarships at universities and colleges in Canada (two years full-time)

-Short-term training scholarships (of a 4 to 12 months period) to strengthen competencies aimed at improvement/ upgrading key personnel at various institutions

Eligibility Requirements

-Applicants for all levels of study MUST be fluent in French language; both oral and written

-Applicants for the Doctoral Degree MUST possess Masters Degree

-Applicants for Masters Degree MUST possess a Bachelors Degree

-Area of study MUST be on the Government of Saint Lucia Approved Areas for National Training

The scholarship will be granted for one year and renewed on a yearly basis, until completion of the programme of studies.

Interested applicants are invited to collect the Government of Saint Lucia Scholarship Application forms from the Department of Human Resource Development, 3rd Floor Francis Compton Building Waterfront Castries or Contact the department at telephone numbers 468-5229/3296/5438.

The deadline for submission of application forms in November 19, 2014.

No application will be received after the deadline.

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  1. Any one wondered why french and spanish has been taught in school for years? Well it is to cause for students to learn the language and to take advantage of such offers. So if you and your kids did not realise that to learn a second language had value, hope you do now. It is when you cannot afford education you should make sure you and your kids learn from the free education available

  2. These scholarships have been up for grabs for years! Someone who may have been interested could have learned the language as part of their pursuit. And someone who IS interested could make efforts to learn French. Alliance Française is available at our disposal....... Yet still the classes aren't full.

  3. We live in a global village. The time has come for small island states like ours to accept our place in this village. A good way to start would be for us to go beyond learning the traditional foreign languages of French and Spanish and start learning Portuguese, Mandarin, German and Dutch.

  4. We live in a global village. The time has come for small island states like ours to accept our place in this village. A good way to start would be for us to go beyond learning the traditional foreign languages of French and Spanish and start learning Portuguese, Mandarin, German and Dutch.

  5. These scholarships have been there for a long time. I am surprised it is made news now. It has always been available to any person from Francophonie countries.

  6. Canadian Government offering schorlarships to Saint Lucians. Really! that sounds so unfair, in St lucia we learn to write and speak English not French. why couldn't they tell us {Applicants for all levels of study MUST be fluent in English language; both oral and written}.

    • Yes You are right about us learning to read and write in english... HOWEVER; we are also taught at secondary school and now from primary school to read and write in French and Spanish. Unfortunately before we weren't aware of te advantages of learning a foreign language at school so many of us did not take the opportunity to pursue it beyond CXC. But there are new avenues to learn french (Alliance Francaise, TV5Monde, YOUTUBE, BOOKS, Online and at our homes via cable tv..etcc) as well as spanish (Venezuelan embassy..which by the way is free)... So fo you to say that it is really unfair to be given a"FRENCH" Scholarship is an ignorant comment. Take advantage of the means at your disposal and you will be amazed of the opportunities it opens for you..

  7. People to find out if there was a mistake in the statement call ministry of education and find out

  8. I agree Leanna, I'm not saying I won't bother applying don't get me going to pursue it forthwith..if you noticed in the comments a person has already brought my point to discourages people those whom would kill for such a chance...but I quite agree...perhaps conditions can be made where a year of French is compulsory...should you have any challenges with the language initially.


  10. * Correction: (French and English)

  11. Canada is bi-lingual(French and England) therefore eligibility for all national sponsored scholarship has this language requirement. A great offer!

  12. Hmph. They think we speak French. But it's patois. They recruiting the wrong people. Sounds fishy.

    • There are many St Lucians who are fluent in other languages apart from English and Patois... Don't fool yourself or be close minded...

  13. aleck.... Life is 'unfair' to anyone who chooses to view it that way. We live in a world full of multilungual and bilingual people so why should anyone who chooses not to get with the programme feel sorry for themselves? If as you say, we are 'gifted' or 'eager to learn', perhaps we should be just as eager to learn (and become fluent in) a foreign language, like French. Would also present a plethora of opportunities after they've actually obtained the degree!

  14. well im not fluent in french but an opportunity such as this one would be a relief as we curently dont have much jobs on island - and thus no money to further our education

  15. Where I understand the mandate position of the ability to both speak and write French requirements...that really narrows down those whom will be able to get approved to said scholarships...i get that Canada is both French/english. But that really makes it unfair to the gifted or eager to learn individuals.


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