Canadian Farm Workers Programme – Northern workers

Canadian Farm Workers Programme – Northern workers

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Department of Labour wishes to inform the following farm workers who reside in the Northern Zone of the island and were scheduled to travel to Canada during the month of March and April 2020, that they are expected to visit the Department of Labour, Barnard Hill on May 8, 2020, at 10:30 am.

Edwin Serville                         Randy Popo
Edward Thomas                     Varian Abraham
Nijah Desriviere                     Vernon Augustin
Shem James                           Philip Jimie
Pius Charles                           Dany Forde
Guilly Emilien                         Shervon James
Dylan Jules                             Gregory St. Ville
Jadiah Pierre                           Alenton Williams
Peterson Jn Baptiste

Farm workers are advised that they will not be able to access the office unless they are wearing a face mask . They are also asked to practice social distancing and adhere to the protocol established by the Ministry of Health during Covid 19.

Workers are to ensure that every effort is made to visit the office on the said date and time as there are urgent matters to be discussed.


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