Canadian Education Fair for St. Lucia

Canadian Education Fair for St. Lucia


PRESS RELEASE –  Recruiters from over ten Canadian Colleges & Universities will be present at the Bay Gardens Hotel, Rodney Bay on Wednesday 21 October 2015, for a Canadian Education Fair in St. Lucia.

The Student Centre, in collaboration with the High Commission of Canada, is pleased to bring the Canadian Education Fair to St. Lucia for a second consecutive year.

This event is designed to offer students, parents, teachers and guidance counsellors and other interested persons, the opportunity to learn more about study abroad options available in Canada.

Highlights of the Fair include the presence of a Canadian Visa and Immigration Official, to provide information in relation to student visas and immigration requirements, government of Canada scholarship information will be available and RBC Royal Bank will offer guidance on financial matters to students, parents and other interested visitors.

Canadian Universities and Colleges maintain a high quality education standard, with rigorous academic principles. Many of the Educational Institutions are linked to the international community through numerous active exchange agreements.

The Canadian Education Fair in St. Lucia is open to the general public on Wednesday 21 October 2015, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM and there is no admission fee.

The High Commission of Canada encourages you to visit this Education Fair to learn more about study life in Canada.

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  1. Right to come to the island to take away the bright ones with a good future and then treat them like shit when they arrive in your country to call them immigrants.............. please!


  2. Because of the MOOCs, enrollment in North American colleges are in steep decline. The Indians in India are making best use of the free MOOC system and are now in position even to go to Ivy League institutions. The world of tertiary and even secondary education has been disrupted. Colleges are going around the world looking for students to cover their costs. Spend wisely. Investigate before you commit. Even UWI and SALCC are threatened with extinction.


  3. Studying in Canada is quite expensive and could be considered a rip-off, particularly for international students. The fees are sometimes double and even triple the cost of local fees. This is absolutely ridiculous. Why would I want to study at a college or university in Canada, especially if there are low chances of me getting a job there, because returning with a Canadian education wont do me any good. If I acquire a BA I will most likely find a decent job, but my salary scale will be the same as someone with a degree from the University of the West Indies, University of Guyana or any other tertiary institution within the region. There are far cheaper courses at colleges in the US, particularly New York.


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