Camille Henry student tops Common Entrance (SEE FULL RESULTS)

Camille Henry student tops Common Entrance (SEE FULL RESULTS)

Camille Henry Memorial School’s Rhea Barrett is St. Lucia’s top achiever in the Common Entrance examinations this year.

The 11-year-old scored 98.33 percent.


Second place went to Vianna Flavius of Desruisseaux Combined School, who scored 97 percent and Andrew Bak of Tapion School who scored 96 percent to place third.

Fourth place was shared by seven students – four from Dame Pearlette Louisy Primary School, and one each from Tapion School, Ti Rocher Primary School and Camille Henry Memorial school.


The results of two thousand two hundred and fifty-eight (2258) candidates were processed for the 2017 Common Entrance Examination. Of these, one thousand one hundred and thirty-three (1133) were male and one thousand one hundred and twenty-five (1125) were female. Forty–six (46) candidates were provided with accommodations including large print, reader, scribe, reader-scribe and attendant.

A total of twenty-eight (28) candidates were absent.

For this year’s examination, the composite scores ranged from 13.67% to 98.33%.

The national mean was 60.62% representing a decrease of 2.11% when compared to the 2016 national mean of 62.73%.

One thousand one hundred and eighty (1180) or 52% of the candidates scored at or above the national mean, while one thousand and seventy eight (1078) or 48% scored below the mean.

All two thousand two hundred and fifty-eight (2258) candidates were assigned to twenty two secondary schools.

– Office of the Registrar of Examinations

Table 1 reveals the range of scores of candidates assigned to each secondary school.

t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 t9 t10 t11



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  1. Wow ! How is Dame able yo score so high with the most students in common Entrance. I mean 159 students to achieve 74.55, sixty two students more than the first school , with only 0.04 marks missing! Way to go to the teachers, students and parents of that school.


  2. What a large gap in achievement...~99% to ~14%. Are the 2° school teachers trained to deliver differentiated instruction to meet the needs of such a diverse group of students. Diverse in terms of achievement, social background and culture,...
    I am happy that Universal Secondary Ed. guarentees placement for all students but the shortfall of this is that we may lose many of our students before they reach Form 5. When I say lose I do not necessarily mean dropouts.
    Tachers need professional development to be able to provide higher quality education to these students especially after viewing these CEE results. The aim should be inclusion for all, and every child succeeds. St. Lucian secondary school teachers are not prepared for the diversity in students that are coming to them after CEE. Teachers' developing and continual training are either neglected or educators are thinking that they have arrived once they are guaranteed a teaching position. Let's see the upcoming CXC results that will support my position.


  3. I AIN'T A HATER...But this is Saint Lucian standard and these rules apply but everyone should know...Common Entrance is, an education system that has kept a lot of people back, not giving some students the opportunity that didn't make the grade!!

    People making fuss for a high school exam that is an automatic diploma for higher education all over the world.

    St. Mary's college ha!! No even a college. St. Joseph convent, an institution for people to front like they bright.

    Sir Aurthor Lewis ( two years of college in any accredited university all over the world = an associate degree )



    • "St. Mary's college ha!! No even a college. St. Joseph convent, an institution for people to front like they bright." Yes, well you sound exactly like a hater. The problem is not so much the "ranking" of schools. The problem is that after being placed in secondary schools, those who need the extra dedication and support by teachers(and parents) to succeed don't seem to be getting this. Common Entrance itself is not keeping anybody back.


  4. You shame about your name or something. You deh taking pictures. Shout to the lord girl. These is a a lot to rejoice about and proud to To be Reah mum,


  5. Come on, these low scores like 14% still exit in St.Lucia.its amazing. So tell me why the teachers always seating in the staff room chatting most of the times and at the end of the day the same work they are getting paid for they now want the children to take lessons at a fee. What happen to the school hours. Yes there are children that need that extra attention, but this nowaday teachers they bleeding parents. madam minister it's time to look into that money making thing in these schools.


    • Hi Gimmy,

      A lot of the performance at the early stage is not about the teachers, a lot of it has to be about the home! Stop just blaming teachers!


      • I couldn't agree more!!! Where are the parents of these students who placed so low?! They weren't there to go over homework with their children? Or help them after school? Chooops!


    • Why blame the teachers.Not all students have the same learning capabilities whilst some are un diagnosed with mental conditions such as autism and similar conditions which will affect the way the syllabus is received.

      Despite that I think more recourses should be placed in primary schools tp asist students with learning disabilities such as personal teaching assistant/worker to help these special students.


  6. I applaud all students for the effort. Exams at such an early age is such pressure for these children. To those who did not perform as expected, please do not give up hope. Children develop at different rates and slow learners can pick up later. Well done, children!


  7. How does a child end up with approximately 14% average in a national exam? Something is awry here.

    Judging from the results [too large a standard deviation] it appears that many kids slipped through the cracks.


  8. Congratulations sweetheart
    Continue to strive for excellence... And remember attitude is key...


  9. Good luck to all of you kids, keep studying and remain focused in that you do in the future.

    For we speak as messengers approved by God to be entrusted with the Good News. Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.

    – 1 Thessalonians 2: 4


      • Don't worry about this commentator. He or she is just a foolish person "kicksing off" but taking himself or herself seriously. In fact, I am surprised that hero she even bothered to speak to the issue at hand at all , because his or her tendency is simply to bowl a "no ball" at every story he or she reads. Quite frankly, I believe that this is a sign of an early mental disorder.


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