Calypso association transforming for the better – Officials

Calypso association transforming for the better – Officials

The Saint Lucia Calypso Association (SLCA) has said it is in the process of making changes within itself to help advance calypso on island.

Chairman of the association David Jordan told a media launch at the Auberge Seraphine last evening (May 20) that a newly-instated executive has been having regular “lively, progressive and heavily spirited” discussions with stakeholders.

Pointing to an eagerness to serve in the association and to improve the art-form, Jordan took the opportunity to thank the many members, supporters and sponsors who have played their part in making the association’s recent endeavors possible.

According to him, the association has activated a mechanism within itself and the executive and general council has had direct interface with all entities concerned.

“The model and thinking is very simple -that persons who are not involved in the management of the respective tents should be involved in the management of the association so as to take off this biasness. We have taken advantage of what the constitution offers and revisited the work and governance of the various sub committees. So we have gone beyond looking at discipline, appeals and fund raising and we recognise as presented by the rules of the competition committee,” he informed.

“We want the association to be similarly active and equally-spirited with the association. The executive and general council both need to be accountable to its general membership and the membership must see themselves as part of the association,” he said.

Jordan said that the association has also examined of the rules of the competition with a view to making them more relevant.

“We have eliminated the needling issues of the past and let it be more transparent and the association through its committee will enforce those rules. We have adopted a manual to guide and provide the protocols of the competition to judges,” he said.

Among the new measures agreed to by the council are the adopting of a new constitution and the development of a strategic plan in August 2014.

Meanwhile, Chair of the newly formed Rules of Competition Committee which was instituted by the SLCA executive, said a major goal is to improve the quality of the product that is being offered to the country and the world by extension.

The rules committee’s mandate, according to her, is to review and monitor aspects of the art-form and make necessary changes.

“In 2014 we look to monitor to ensure that the best of what we have to offer is on display to the country and to the world,” Avril Emmanus said.

“In 2015, we are looking to see how we can improve. We have had discussions with a wide variety of stakeholders involved in the business of calypso and we are looking at how we can improve in 2015. Through discussions there are many different areas that we are looking at to change for next year’s season. We are beginning to plan. We are on the move,” she assured.


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  1. It`s a Fact,Never before has the St Lucia Calypso season been kicked off with such a Bang ! A well organised Round the Island Tour! Hats off to the organizers !It`s about time we St Lucians realize we have to do a simple Thing That Is Come together as one People in the Name of peace Party and prosperity with all due respect for each other stop the negativity Get Organized !!!


  2. They sing the same song every year. "We are making change to make the association better". But, my goodness, nothing change and the same crap continues with my money.


  3. you could change as many chairman as you wish change the constitution the judges are the people that are killing the art form and so they have to go , every year is the same ... judges doing (nonsense) this is what have to change


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