Calls for urgent repair to road in Cedar Heights, VF

Calls for urgent repair to road in Cedar Heights, VF

IMG-20151119-WA0010A resident of Cedar Heights, Vieux-Fort is calling on the relevant authorities to urgently fix this road in her community.

According to her, residents are fed up of the deplorable conditions, particularly the road next to Martha’s Tyre Service.

The resident said this road has been “inaccessible” for over six months now.

“Nothing has been done about it. This has been so forever,” the resident added.

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  1. Ask the P M to do something about these kids begging for food in the town of v fort eight years that's not nice


  2. Taking into consideration that Clarke Street was perfectly fine, was it really necessary to resurface Clarke Street when other roads were in dire need of repairs? Here are three (3) examples:

    1. Campeche Street in Cedar Heights; the section after the Cedar Palm Vila
    2. The section of the St. Jude's Highway which borders the Brewery,
    3. The roadway from the La Ressource/St. Jude's Highway to the La Ressource Bakery.

    There are many other roads/streets in Upper and Lower Cedar Heights that have been neglected for years and when election time comes, the respective Administrations will quickly do cosmetic works on them.

    In most cases and in my opinion, doing basic road maintenance and preventing small potholes from developing into a road user hazards, will secure more votes than doing major repairs before an election.

    I was very appalled when I saw the size and depth of a pothole along the Millennium Highway ( about 2 minutes drive past the gas station and nearing the bottom of the gently sloped hill); your tyre is sure to burst and your rim bent if you have the ill luck of driving into this hazard.

    At times I wonder why the same contractors are engaged to repair our roads when the quality of their work is very I have no issue in the respective Administration giving work to contractors of their choice but for God's sake, use one who is able of performing the job.

    In the examples above, I used Cedar Heights but I am certain that most persons can and will agree that they are faced with similar road maintenance issues in their neighbourhoods.


  3. is there any reason why the PM has to be involved in this? A drain
    A road!!!!! Separate Min Of Comm and Works from local government!!


  4. If you think this is terrible, I am guessing you have never traversed the Pierrot Road! Totally, utterly DEPLORABLE!


  5. Jadia election coming you responding for the PM now. Where were you all the time. What about ressoonding to the english diplomat.


  6. Waiting till it get closer to elections, really can't believe those guys in and out of office always the same thin over and over


  7. I wont be surprised if it was done yesterday (election is near) but Jadia I don't believe anything you have said there. There was no immediate plan for this road. Vieux Fort is the the PM constituency and it has been screwed up under his reign both as MP and PM. Kenny has abused the ignorance of Vieux Fortian. Vieux Fort is in a mess. His friend got a big contract to build a square and now it has a growing fish market near it. 8 year old children stays up late at night begging for food near KFC/dominos. Jadia I am just upset at your lies.


  8. Thanks for your quick response. But why on other issues are you guys so tight lipped. You guys act like you are deaf or like these things never happen. Is it that we do not deserve a response, are we too stupid to ask questions of you. But our PM says he is well informed on all issues online and offline yet has no courtesy to talk to the people when we need it. Shame on you Jadia, Shame on our leaders and shame on the Opposition too. Band of misfits all you politicians.


  9. For my school research. ..i would like to know why it has been been ignored for 6 months?

    Topic: governance and responsiveness towards infrastructure failure



  10. The road will be repaired soon. As far as I am aware, that section of the road has been closed because of the danger posed by the grill. Prime Minister visited with officials from the Ministry of Infrastructure two three weeks ago. The road is currently being designed and will be constructed in concrete.

    I will bring this call to the Prime Minister's attention.

    Thank you for highlighting because it is indeed an issue of concern.


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