Calls for Guy Joseph to be removed from St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction project

By Kingsley Emmanuel

A section of the audience at the town hall meeting.

Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony and former Minister of Health under the United Workers Party (UWP) regime Dr. Keith Mondesir have made a clarion call for Minster Guy Joseph to be removed from the St. Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project.

They made the call yesterday while addressing a town hall meeting in Vieux-Fort which was organised by the Vieux-Fort Concerned Citizens Coalition for Change.

The two were among four panelists, which included Mark Hennecart, an architect who has worked on a number of public buildings both here and regionally, and Dr. Ernest Hilaire.

They had the large gathering who listened with intent fired up as they made their presentations without mincing words.

And from the response of the agitated gathering it was quite clear that they are prepared to take to the streets now to show their dissatisfaction with how government is handling the St. Jude Reconstruction Project.

“We are prepared to take protest action now, not tomorrow,” and “We are tired of going to meetings and doing nothing,” were some of the comments made by individuals in the crowd during the presentations of the panelists.

Dr. Mondesir and Dr. Anthony sought to dismiss the arguments of Joseph, point by point on some of the contentious issues relating to St. Jude Hospital, which the minister claimed occurred under the former administration.

“My position is that Guy Joseph should be left out of the project….” Mondesir said, triggering a thunderous applause from the gathering.

According to Mondesir, who was the Minister of Health at the time of the fire, the project should not fall under the Ministry of Economic Development, but rather under the Ministry of Infrastructure. He added that Joseph and all those people behind him are just causing confusion on the matter.

He described the idea of demolishing the hospital as lunatic, reckless and unproductive.

Mondesir said after the fire his government had engaged the American Engineer to assess the situation, and were advised by them not to interfere with the walls of the hospital, but rather to renovate it to build a strong structure.
He said they also engaged the Taiwanese government who donated $100 million towards the reconstruction of the hospital which has been a military hospital since 1941.

Mondesir dismissed the idea that there was no plan for the reconstruction of the hospital.

“I remember on two occasions the Taiwanese came here and showed us the plans…The plans are here…” Mondesir said.

He said on the project, they had a project manager in the name of Shanta King, a civil engineer, and a consultant who overlooked what she did, so he can’t understand how Joseph can say there are so many flaws in the hospital.

He said when they left office it was said the hospital was 75 per cent complete but now it is 55 per cent complete.

He called on the government to bring back the Taiwanese construction firm which worked on the Wellness Centre on the Millennium Highway, which according to him was sabotaged by the Chinese. He said the firm has a good track record and is confident that they will do a very good job, adding that if this happens the hospital will be completed within a year.

The audience was also given an opportunity to ask questions on the issues discussed. And they did make full use of the opportunity by asking a number of pertinent questions.

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  1. Guy's only interest is that the hospital be demolished and he gets a new contract to rebuild it. That's all there is to it. So he comes up with a biased audit(done by his bedfellows for almost $1 million at that) and spew out this crap. Get rid of this guy Joseph and the hospital will open in January.

  2. Hey Mr Mondesir. Nice to hear that you have joined forces with.kenny. Your Tuxedo Villa sins have been forgiven. Anonymous

  3. I smell a money scheme. For once let's put politics aside and think logically. Are we to believe that the stadium could be converted into a functioning hospital from since 2009 and the structure at st judes is not suitable for a hospital? Really are we that dumb or many of us are just being political about it? What are the problems that are so impossible or more costly to make the appropriate changes? Rooms to small break down walls and if after there are not enough rooms add a new wing. Electrical not up to date, run the additional ones using trunking installment. Thats what they did at the stadium in to make it functional. Why can't the same be done there? Honestly does this make any sense? Are we that dumb? Sigh, a small island like us what position are we to throw so much money down the drain? Can't that same money be put to something else to create employment for the unemployed? Or they just looking for a way to scam the nation from a cash to go into their pockets. I smell fraud all over this. Politicians looking for a way to fill their pockets. Fellow st Lucians let's stop being blind and stand for our rights. I don't support the demolition of st judes it's about time we got our hospital. If I didn't get burnt it would be functional to this day stop taking the public for fools.

  4. Keith Trump Mondesir - new name only Trumps jump from man to man. Mondesir should shut his stupid mouth, Ahole.

    Just take a look at the concerned citizens group of Viuex Fort and the colors will show. What a shame.

    Why is Kenny so pre-occupied with Guy? why didn't he take the millions used to investigate Guy an invest it into the project. After-all you care so much about vieux fort your sure sit to power.

  5. Guy the right person to be on St Judes and kenny is totally afraid
    Mondesir you worst than Fredo, u a big waste like another vaugh lewis. u can run for anse la raye
    kenny why don`t u shut u big red wrath mouth and stop fooling the innocent and poor people of vfort
    kenny your tatic cannot work st lucian and Allen are smarter becoz u trying to distract from the main issue that is under your watch the hospital moved from 75 to 50 % completed. How u explain that to the people from the south and north.
    Kenny stop mama gui the people, back your bag and run becoz u can never, never win another election in SLU and u know that, so i don`t know why u still around. U are destroying your
    party more on a daily basis

  6. Oh, I see. Guy is seeing too much. You all are trying to shut him up eh. No way, he is staying right there to expose the nonsense that has taken place.

  7. Who is that call from. Kenny and Richard loooooool

  8. I not playing politics. Both parties, more so SLP, have shown an inability to handle St. Jude's and its way forward. I dont want to hear mondesir, or Kenny or Guy or King or Hilaire. None of them. They have all shown incapable. We cannot trust them.

    Let there be a private committee appointed to oversee St. JUde's and its way forward.

  9. Mondayzod aa you team up with kenny? The same Kenny who neglected his constituency for 15 years! Is that the best you can do? Smh, you & kenny must stop pretending to have the nation's interest at heart while serving your own selfish means!
    You are no better than Frederick selling your souls for a few pieces of silver.

    • wee mama ohh gosh you'll killing me with these comments today ppl....they jooking each others eyes behind closed doors but will still put on a hypocrite front for the public.

  10. Mondayzod aa you team up with kenny? The same Kenny who neglected his constituency for 15 years! Is that the best you can do? Smh ,
    You are no better than Frederick selling your souls for a few pieces of silver.

    • I never see something like that for 15 whole years you as prime minister neglecting your own personal supporters so they can be your backbone but you cannot be their spine....smh and these ppl will of that constituency will tell me they know what change and growth suppose to mean.

      • As MP, PM and Minister of Finance for 15 years he did nothing for VFort and now he want VFortian to go to War. What a joke.

  11. Mondesir I see you trying your best to run on a labour ticket next election.

  12. So many Chiefs but only one Indian? in my estimation, only one shitty little project
    but lots of Civil Engineers, Architects, Project Managers, politicians, Civil Servants;
    I'm getting dizzy. what the #**ck is going on? calling a bunch of air heads in a room
    filling them up with hot air be it true or not b.s. is b.s. red or gold, St.Lucia will never
    change. Now see who's talking, of all people, that Doctor????? give me a break.

  13. if kenny had love you people from the south he would see it fit to see thats the people who put him to seat all this term .would have a place were they could go when they have any health problem . only know he can come and pressure uwp guys to build the hospital when uwp left office it was 75% complete the five year you could add the 35% . kenny will only fool the uneducated donnkey from the vieux_fort


      • He deprived his own people of a hospital. Yes a hospital. These people voted him in 2011 on the promise that he would complete it if voted back in governments. This promise was made at the gate of the same hospital that was 75% complete.

  14. Since the discourse on the st.judes hospital began , removing Guy Joseph from the reconstruction project is the best suggestion I have heard so far . This Guy Joseph is too controversial . I have never regarded this project as an economic development project but rather as an infrastructure project. The hospital is to serve the people , it's not a hotel. Why isn't Guy paying attention to the Owen King hospital ? There is money to be made at St. Jude's and nothing to be made at Owen King .

  15. In other for us to know exactly what is the present situation with the construction of the hospital we need to do the following.
    1. Release the audit results so we as citizens can make decisions without having both side saying he said, she said.
    2. Have the association of engineers which hopefully is a bipartisan group to visit the site and follow up with a report on their findings. My understanding is that has been suggested before, but turned down by the present government
    3. We will need to know exactly what the cost of the construction is so far, including supplies that might still be in storage. We hear all these numbers being thrown around without a proper description of materials that might have been purchased, but not known to the public. For all we know this could add up to a few million dollars.
    4. There should also be a final inventory of what is there and what is needed with costing on what it will take to finish the work. This needs to be done by the association of engineers.
    5. We should as citizen demand that the political parties work together to get this hospital completed soon, since both side bear some culperbility for this disaster.
    6. Last but not least, STOP playing politics with our health. Our wellness as a community sees no colors nor does it care how the hospital gets built. We just want to have a place where we can rely on when we are sick and need help to improve our wellness.

    • The Association of Engineers can't respond to the findings of an interim report. A final report is required! At this stage of the St.Jude mess, there is no excuse for not making a Final report available to the public.

  16. That seems like nothing more than a diversion. You all hear investigation so every rooster now crowing. Heads are gonna roll and Somebody gots to pay!

  17. Oh so the Taiwanese are the ones who drew up the plans and they were also the ones who donated the money. So why is that the Ministry of Planning has no idea of and have no approved copies? Mondesir's argument doesn't solidly state whether we had an approved set of plans for the hospital. That's what everybody wants to know.

  18. So why do they have a problem with Guy??? That's Kenny's most formidable nemesis.

  19. If you have the evidence of embezzlement by him ..take him to court..

  20. Yeah; adding fuel to the fire. While the poor people suffer. This is what St. Lucia, an island that was in many ways already rebounding in years gone bye has become; a land of chaos and confusion. Thanks to our present crop of hot - headed and incompetent politicians.

  21. People never want to hear the truth especially in politics. The new hospital is a shambles for the time the project started to rebuild the hospital should have been completed by now, where were the inspectors to check every stage of the project to make sure it was going according to the drawn plans, what happened to the money. Money wasted and job not completed what a shame

  22. Self interest at its very best (or worst)
    I see Kenny got time on his hands now. Shame he couldn't spare the time whilst in office.
    UWP will do what ever has to be done on their own agenda.

    • You're full of shit . Uwp will act according to the peoples' wishes . Your thinking is the type of thinking that gets us into trouble every time.

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