Calls across the Caribbean to review CXC results

Calls across the Caribbean to review CXC results

(NEWS SOURCE GUYANA) – One day after the Caribbean Examinations Council released the results for the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency (CAPE) and Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, there are mounting calls in a number of CARICOM states for a review of the results to be done.

In Guyana, several teachers, parents and students have taken to social media to voice their concerns about the accuracy of the results.

CSEC Mathematics teacher Leon Beaton in a Facebook post questioned how an entire examination centre could receive ungraded results.

“How can an entire centre of students whose SBAs were marked and submitted on time get a result of ungraded?? Not grade 4 or 5 but ungraded? How?”, Beaton questioned.

Mr. Beaton who hosted Facebook classes during the preparation for the examinations as students were away from school because of coronavirus, said “the students are crying. The teachers are crying. I am even crying”

One of his students wrote in a comment that the result is very unfair and something needs to be done.

Guyana’s top high school, Queens College is hoping that something will be done.

The school’s Parent Teachers Association is hosting a media conference this morning to raise the concerns of its students and teachers.

The President of the QC Parent Teachers Association said the nation’s top school will not be accepting the results. More details on the PTA’s position is expected to be made clear later today.

But the concerns about the CXC results are not limited to Guyana.

In Trinidad and Tobago, the Education Ministry is being called upon to get CXC to review the results since students and their teachers have been left devastated.

One teacher quoted in the Trinidad Express newspaper said one student who has been consistently performing well throughout high school and was on track to receive a scholarship has received Grades Four and Fives only.

Similar complaints have been coming in from several other schools across Trinidad and Tobago.

Over in Barbados where CXC has its headquarters, the Nation newspaper reports that thousands of disgruntled students and parents have been expressing concern about this year’s CXC results.

The complaints are similar to those in other Caribbean countries.

In St. Lucia, an online petition has started after there were concerns there also about the results.

In a statement, the Caribbean Examination Council is urging students to query the results.

“CXC has a long-established process in place for addressing these concerns. Candidates who have questions about an Absent or Ungraded result can submit a Query, If there is a question about a grade and the candidate wishes to have a script re-examined, they may submit a request for a Review”, CXC said in its statement.

While there are thousands of students across the Caribbean expressing concern over the results, there are also thousands who are celebrating the results.

This year’s CXC examinations were postponed because of the closure of schools in wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The format of most of the examinations were changed with most CSEC subjects combining the scores from a multiple choice paper with the marks students would have obtained from their school based assessment which had to be marked and submitted by their teachers.

The Ministry of Education in Guyana is still to issue any statement on the release of the CXC results.



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