Caller: St Kitts PM Harris divisive, lacks statesmanship, professionalism

Caller: St Kitts PM Harris divisive, lacks statesmanship, professionalism
Dr. Harris

(PRESS RELEASE) – The federation’s Prime Minister, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris has been labelled as being divisive and political in the public debate on the country’s preparedness for the coronavirus COVID-19.

“The ones who go about accusing people of being political and always bringing in politics, you all realise they are the ones who are the most political? Everything is political,” said the female caller on Freedom 106.5 FM’s popular Issues programme.

Speaking directly to Prime Minister Harris, the caller said: “And to the Prime Minister, I think this is the time where you should come forward to show yourself as a statesman and professional. There is too much politicising in your speeches and there is too much divisiveness going on. And yes, I say that, and I say it without fear, without favour, without anything else…too much,” said the unidentified caller, who also had words of advice for supporters on the Harris-led coalition.

“The persons who support Team Unity, they, you all need to tell them to behave themselves. Too much divisiveness is carrying on,” she said specifically referring to a recent morning incident where a news report was being made.

Without identifying the media house, she recalled the individual as stating the the people must only listen to one particular media house because it is the only one that would have the correct information to be given out.

“I say this cannot be the way forward. I have heard information coming from the former Chief Medical Officer (Dr Patrick Martin), I have heard information from Dr (Terrance) Drew and others and I can say, to me they have presented themselves well. I have listened well and I have not heard anything, anywhere in their deliberations where he comes to COVID-19; they have not said anything that is causing division among the people,” the caller said.

She continued: “As a matter of fact, where Dr Drew is concerned, he offers his time and his service to be a part of what is involved with the (COVID) Task Force. We have to be very careful, because on the other hand people are still complaining that they are still not gettiing the updates they want (from the government). If you are encouraged to listen to this media house only, it means you will not get much of anything.”


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