Call of the Surveillance Frigate “Ventôse” of the French Navy to Saint Lucia

Call of the Surveillance Frigate “Ventôse” of the French Navy to Saint Lucia


PRESS RELEASE – The surveillance frigate “Ventôse” of the French Navy will be making a courtesy call to Saint Lucia from Thursday 29th to Friday 30th December 2016. The vessel will be anchored at Rodney Bay from Thursday at 9:00 a.m. until midday the following day.

After the recent call of the patrol cutter “La Gracieuse” in Castries earlier this month, the stopover of the frigate “Ventôse” in Saint Lucia illustrates again the cooperation activities between the two countries : this stopover will contribute to strengthen the ties of the French West Indies armed forces with their Saint Lucian partners.


The Ventôse is based in Fort-de-France in Martinique and is part of the French armed forces in the West Indies.

The French armed forces in the West Indies (FAA) guarantee the protection of the French national territory and conduct regional cooperation activities from Martinique and Guadeloupe. They are key partners in joint arrangements on the Caribbean scene, in coordination with the Armed Forces of French Guiana.

The FAA carry out three main missions: Under the authority of the Government Delegate for activities at sea, they effectively combat drug trafficking at sea and coordinate the implementation of marine emergency plans; they assist persons in case of natural disasters or serious humanitarian situations in the region; and finally, they can participate in military operations at the national or multinational level, such as evacuation of nationals.


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