Call for applications to present at Startup Huddle St. Lucia

Call for applications to present at Startup Huddle St. Lucia

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – SLUDTERA would like to inform young persons and Entrepreneurs aged 13 years and over who are residents of St. Lucia, the Caribbean, and Latin America, of the call for applications to present at Startup Huddle St. Lucia.

The program/event is designed to Educate, Engage and Connect Entrepreneurs, where they can come together to pitch their startup, reveal challenges and crowd-source solutions. From local founders, innovators, educators, and investors, to a global network of Entrepreneurial leaders, Startup Huddle St. Lucia will provide a unique platform to strengthen the startup community.

Why Present?

– Opportunity to refine your presentation and elevator pitch
– A network for support, including coaching from Local and Regional Startup Huddle St. Lucia organizers
– Access to online training programs designed to help you create a powerful presentation and master the Q&A
– Opportunity to present again and again—after you made significant changes
– Opportunity to present at a Startup Huddle event in another island or country (Chandigarh, Perth, Canada, Vladimir, Johannesburg, Mohali, Amman, Fremantle, Malawi, Blantyre, Lilongwe)
– A diverse audience to engage with and the opportunity for exposure to new markets and people
– The potential to receive local, regional or national media coverage on your startup
– There are several other benefits to presenting at Startup Huddle St. Lucia.

Here Are The Criteria:

The Startup Huddle St. Lucia educational experience is designed for Entrepreneurs who are leading companies/organizations through the early stages of a new venture. As such, there are specific criteria that Startup Huddle St. Lucia organizers must use in order to select presenters. The same criteria are used globally.

1. The business model conveys intention and ability to grow.

Examples of presenter company/organization qualities:
Using technology to scale
Expanding by cities, state, region or nation (unconstrained by geography)
Has a new, disruptive business model

2. The company/organization, ideally, is 3 years old or younger; 3 to 5 years only if the company/organization still lacks customers.

If your company/organization is not accepted, please do not be offended. We hope that you will still register to attend Startup Huddle St. Lucia and take advantage of the experiential learning that takes place every month. Please read the formal guidelines for presenting.

Startups who have developed or who are developing solutions that address challenges in Poverty (1.2), Hunger (2.4), Health (3.C), Education (4.2, 4.3, 4.4), Affordable Clean Energy (7.B), Decent Work & Economic Growth (8.3, 8.5, 8.6), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11.1, 11.2), Climate Action (13.3), and Life Below Water (14.1, 14.2) are also welcome.

The first Startup Huddle St. Lucia event will be held on Wednesday, November 14th, 2018 from 10 AM to 11 AM. The event will then be held on the second Wednesday of every month thereafter.

Key Deadlines (subject to change)

26 June 2018: Official registration form will be posted on the Startup Huddle St. Lucia website.

24 August 2018: Submission deadline (for presentations on November 14th, 2018).

30 August 2018: Eight Founders will be chosen by the #SHSL Selection Committee.

6 September 2018: Enrollment in The ERP and commencement of training workshop/program.

11 October 2018: Conclusion of Training Workshop/program with The ERP.

7 November 2018: Announcement of presenters.

14 November 2018: Founders will present their startups at Startup Huddle St. Lucia.

SLUDTERA will assist with accommodation, daily subsistence and ground travel for the two founders who will present on November 14th, 2018, if they are not residents of St. Lucia. Founders must cover the full cost of their travel.

There is a registration fee of US$100 for non-members of SLUDTERA, to confirm their registration/participation in SHSL. SLUDTERA delegates, speakers, and sponsors who will be attending the event will receive separate instructions for registration if those persons do not reside in St. Lucia. This fee will be used to secure their accommodation/booking.


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