California deputies kill man who executed his girlfriend

California deputies kill man who executed his girlfriend
Earnest Easterling

(NEW YORK POST) —  Three deputies in California gunned down a man just after he fatally shot his girlfriend, disturbing new video shows.

The footage, released Thursday by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, shows deputies opening fire on Earnest Easterling, 25, moments after he shot Chanell Brown, 23, during a verbal altercation on Oct. 27 in Carmichael, the Sacramento Bee reports.

“You got the police called on me,” Easterling told Brown on surveillance footage captured before he killed her. “I didn’t do sh-t!”

Easterling then told Brown that he planned to shoot her when cops responded to the scene, video shows.

“When they come, I’m blasting you!” he said.

Easterling walked away from the apartment briefly before returning with a higher capacity magazine on his handgun

Earnest Easterling, 25.

Easterling later shot Brown as three deputies responded to the scene, “executing” her in plain sight, sheriff spokeswoman Sgt. Tess Deterding said in commentary of the video.

“As the suspect emerged and began firing, all three deputies on scene fired their weapon at the male suspect immediately, attempting to stop him from killing the female victim,” Deterding said. “The suspect was struck by the deputies’ gunfire.”

Both Easterling and Brown were pronounced dead at the scene.

A Glock handgun with a 50-round drum magazine that Easterling purchased legally was recovered from the scene, KCRA reports.


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