Caiman ‘murdered’ and left hanging in Trinidad

Caiman ‘murdered’ and left hanging in Trinidad
Left hanging
Left hanging

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — In a sadistic and twisted act of animal cruelty, a butchered caiman was left hanging from a tree at Warren Road, Cunupia this week.

The reptile’s tail was chopped off, likely for the meat.

While many poked fun about the death of the creature, others were upset by the cruel manner in which the caiman was killed and left on display.

Environmental group, Papa Bois Conservation posted the image on social media.

Director of the group Stephen Broadbridge said he was upset and disturbed by the act committed against the caiman, especially since it is illegal to hunt caimans and as the hunting season is over.

The hunting period in Trinidad for 2018/2019 is between October 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019.

According to Broadbridge, there is not enough law enforcement in dealing with such cases and for the number of bush fires occurring presently.

He said the amount of bushfires have destroyed many animal life and eco-systems and questioned the number of people caught in the act.

“I am pissed off by this. It is illegal to hunt caimans at this time of the year. But I am more so (upset) about bushfires in this country killing more animals and destroying ecosystems. Where are those who have been arrested and held for it (bushfires). There needs to be more serious fines and better law enforcement. The fines have to be scary like paying $100,000 for these acts to prevent people from doing it again because it would make them think twice. It should be a criminal and jailable offence for those who deliberately set fires,” he said.

The was mixed views to the image posted on social media.

One person wrote: “What a sick and inhumane society we are living in.”

Another said: “To think that we live around people with a mentality like this is just scary.”

The Express reached out to Agriculture Ministry Clarence Rambharat, however there was no immediate response.


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