Cable and Wireless to make US$13M investment in St. Lucia

Cable and Wireless to make US$13M investment in St. Lucia

Telecommunication provider Cable and Wireless plans to invest more than US$1 billion in the Caribbean and St. Lucia over the next couple of years with the aim of improving the quality of service and technology provided to its consumers.

Chief Executive Officer for the Caribbean Martin Roos made this announcement today, August 26 at the company’s Gros Islet Office.

The CEO told media operatives that the plan will be rolled out no later than October this year, and will see significant improvements in its overall services.

Roos said that some US$13 million will be invested in St. Lucia, alone. He admitted that the company has to some extent been laid-back on its investment and work to improve its services in the Caribbean, but things will change with the investments.

Roos said the investments will focus on four key areas: improved mobile coverage, fixed mobile service coverage with improved broadband speed, and quality television and business solution.

“We will capitalise on our current infrastructure to bring about speeds of about 15 megabyte and will not stop but will continue in coming years,” the CEO explained.

Roos said that they also aim to become “a much better engine at helping the business community in the various islands and then tapping into the wealth of opportunity that advanced telecom solutions can provide”.

He told the media that the work will not stop there because there are other areas the company have to improve in.

“In how we service our customers in the contact centre, in our product offerings and the look of our stores, making it more attractive to come and do business. Cable and Wireless has been in the Caribbean for 100 years and we are investing here for another 100 years and re-take the initiative, and we are coming back strongly. We have an important role to play in St. Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean.”

The company admits that it may no longer be a global player in the telecommunications industry, but said it is seeking a bigger slice of the market in smartphone penetration in the Caribbean. Growing its presence in television is another area the company is focusing on.


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  1. i really hope this means taking out those spanish cartoon and movie channels....we are not a spanish county, why is half of the cable system spanish pogramming?


    • We may not be a Spanish nation, but the region is predominantly Spanish, and US broadcasters are very much aware of that fact. LIME has actually been part of the process of getting more English programming, like HBO Caribbean, through membership in the Caribbean Cable TV Cooperative.


  2. until I see betterment this is all talk.

    plz yes improve on the customer service contact...some of these people in the call center hav no idea what they are talkin about.


  3. LIME always wants competition to improve on anything in St. Lucia.

    It had to take "FLOW" to help you see that your broadband speed sucks and is ridiculously too expensive?


  4. Oh so y'all finally admit to sitting on your behinds and taking the Caribbean for granted? Oh please!!.Be leaders for once and instead of sitting down at press conferences to say what you will do JUST DO IT so people will see that you are serious for a change.


  5. It was about time. LIME is the best, speed it up, and please do not side track your loyal and existing customers to attract new ones at the expense of losing long outstanding customers like you all keep doing. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!


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