Cable and Wireless and Wikimedia sign deal that allows mobile customers to browse Wikipedia at no extra cost

Cable and Wireless and Wikimedia sign deal that allows mobile customers to browse Wikipedia at no extra cost

Wikipedia-007PRESS RELEASE – In another groundbreaking move that is sure to appeal to educators, parents and the broader C&W customer base, the Company has signed an important partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that supports Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects.

With this partnership, C&W’s prepaid mobile subscribers will now have free access to Wikipedia via their handsets. Customers’ Wikipedia searches will be free, meaning there will be no additional cost for surfing the site regardless of how much time is spent browsing. The Wikipedia app will come pre-loaded on all new Android devices and will also be available to postpaid customers in the near future.

“Since Cable & Wireless’s successful merger with Columbus International Inc., we have initiated a series of strategic partnerships with innovative technologies and services, as we continue to seek alliances to enrich our customers’ multi-platform experience. We’re excited to partner with the Wikimedia Foundation and offer new ways for our customers to enjoy and use our services,” said John Reid, President, Consumer Group.

Speaking on the partnership, Sheree Chang, VP of Strategic Partnerships at the Wikimedia Foundation stated “The Wikimedia vision is a world in which every single person can freely access the sum of all knowledge. By partnering with Cable & Wireless, we are able to put this knowledge in the hands of more people, for free and without restriction, helping to close the knowledge gap around the world. Today’s announcement will pave the way for C&W to offer all the knowledge that comes with Wikipedia Zero to its users in the Caribbean.”

With more than 35 million articles across 291 languages, Wikipedia is a vast free knowledge resource for anyone, anywhere. Whether you are a student writing an essay, a teacher preparing a tutorial, a researcher unearthing important information, or simply a curious mind – Wikipedia helps people around the world. Every month, nearly half a billion people visit Wikipedia. With its ad-free, collaborative, non-profit model, Wikipedia has become a trusted platform for neutral, reliable information.

The Wikimedia Foundation, created in 2003, is dedicated to supporting Wikipedia, its sister projects, and the Wikimedia community to provide the world with free access to knowledge — for free, without restriction, without limitation. Extending access to Wikipedia across the Caribbean through this partnership is an important step forward in achieving this mission.

“We have always made it our priority to invest in our region’s education,” added Reid. “Whether through targeted educational initiatives, such as the largest back to school initiative in Jamaica and the Caribbean – Skool Aid – or by providing free Internet in schools across the region, C&W has consistently sought opportunities to enhance the lives of the communities in which we serve. We are thrilled be able to deliver this product as we remain true to our mission – Connecting Communities…Transforming Lives.”


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  1. This would all make sense if wikepedia was a credible source for information. is not referenced in academia for several reasons. One being any tom dick or harry can post info on there.

    Univ Prof.


  2. Another example of service providers monitoring Internet traffic in order to decide what's free and what's not , what's blocked and what's not blocked.


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